No Facebook November



Dear Facebook,

Regrettably, I’m writing to you to say that I think we need to take a break from our relationship this November. This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you but it seems like you’ve been distracted recently so I wanted to put pen to paper to share my feelings with you.

We’ve been together for so long it seems like we’re completely intertwined with each other. I think it could be argued that I’ve stayed with you over the years because of all the brief, but consistent, flashes of fun and affirmation in what I’m doing. And over the years, you’ve occasionally surprised with me small gifts that, I believe, are calculated so I don’t leave.

But ever since 2018 it hasn’t been the same.

Our relationship didn’t seem to be a priority to you. But you continued to come around and pull me into you. Looking back, the most frustrating part of that is a tie between the time AND money I wasted. It became less about how we can support and encourage each other and more about how “beneficial” it is for me to be with you.

You don’t seem to value “us”

It used to be that you’d proudly share photos, videos, and updates about me but that’s not the case anymore. In fact, people who are close to me barely ever see anything. I’m not with you just to be seen but it goes deeper than that. It feels more and more like we have a relationship built solely upon our glory days of the past. The good times that we’ll probably never have again but neither of us are strong enough to say goodbye.

I know you’re seeing other people.

In fact, some of the others are people I introduced you to. And, you know what, I’m totally ok with that. I believe you may have more to offer them and that’s ok. That’s life. It doesn’t mean we have to be enemies, or that we can’t remain “friends.”

Want to get in touch?

If you’d like to connect or chat, you can find me on Instagram, YouTube, sign up for my email newsletter, or book some time with me directly.

I’ll touch base in early December to see how you’re doing.

Tricycle Creative is…saying goodbye for the month of November.

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