About Tricycle Creative

I'm on a mission to safely navigate small business marketers through the world of digital marketing

My name is Ross Herosian and I started Tricycle Creative because I saw so many creative business owners and entrepreneurs struggling with their digital marketing. Over time, I saw a trend in their struggles:

They don’t have the expertise: many of the business owners I talked to didn’t have marketing experience. So how can they be expected to guide their marketing efforts or know what to do? Sadly, I’ve seen and heard countless stories of trusting business owners paying some “expert” because they were sold an overnight solution that ended up just draining their bank account and not actually helping their business.

They don’t have the time: honestly, let’s forget about hours for a second and just talk about energy. Business owners only have so much high-quality energy to give to their business every day and chances are they’re having to spread it out across many parts of the business. When they finally remember to “do the marketing” their energy reserves (and creativity) are usually at a low.

They don’t have the money: this is not to say that they aren’t willing to invest in help, it’s just that they weren’t able to hire some big agency. What creative small business owners needed were right-sized solutions, not big-ticket invoices.

Ross Herosian

"Tricycle Creative"

A tricycle is safe, trustworthy, and no training is required. You hop on, start pedalling, and you’re off! As children, a tricycle built up our courage to explore the outside world like never before.

Eventually, you outgrow your tricycle and bravely take on riding a bike. It’s a scary undertaking. After many falls, many scrapes (ouch!), and a lot of perseverance, you figure it out. If you’ve been unsure of how (or where) to start or perhaps you’ve had your fair share of scrapes, we want to help you experience success.

There may come a time when you outgrow us and that will be a day when we both celebrate.

About Me
(in case you were curious)

I’ve been a radio DJ, a collegiate recruiter, a video producer, a content creator, a social media manager, an event marketer, and even ran an arts non-profit. In my 10+ years at SiriusXM I was on-air, I built an internship program that was rated the #1 internship program in America multiple times by Vault.com, I developed the overall video marketing strategy for the company and grew their YouTube channel subscribers by 10x and their views by 210%. While Director of Campus Relations at The Art Institute of Austin I created and executed not one, but two, SXSW parties (one unofficial and one official in conjunction with SXSW Gaming). For two years I ran all the strategic and day-to-day operations of a local arts non-profit, Round Rock Arts and organized the largest arts-based festival, Chalk Walk, in partnership with the City of Round Rock.

In 2018, I added Founder + CEO to my resume with Tricycle Creative. With Tricycle Creative, I am on a mission to make better Marketers. 

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