Why You Need Brand Photos For Your Small Business

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Why You Need Brand Photos For Your Small Business

In this video, marketing coach Ross Herosian sits down with a member of his Marketing CLARITY Community – Jerrell Trulove. Jerrell Trulove is a professional photographer with 10+ years of experience and he runs Trulove Studios. We talk about Branded photos, how Branded photos are different than headshots, and the value of hiring a professional photographer.

Learn more about Trulove Studios – https://www.trulovestudios.com/branding

In This Episode

The "I Know A Guy" Excuse

Excerpt from our conversation:

Ross Herosian: I would imagine, as a photographer, with a lot of your clients it’s usually their very first time working with a professional. And so you never know what their assumptions could be…and that you hear that they “know a guy who can do it for less” a lot. The ol’ “I have a cousin who’s home for the summer from college and he has a camera…”

Jerrell Trulove: Yeah, they don’t think they need to pay, you know, $1000, $500, or whatever. They say they just “need a few good photos”. Most professional photographers’ clients, once they go through the process, they love the final result. And they, you know, they always wish it’s something that they would have done sooner…working with professionals can literally mean they’ve spent decades taking photos. And when you get good at something, the amount of time it takes you to get the world-class result, it’s going to diminish, as you become more efficient and more proficient. But also, once you become a professional, you know, your equipment like the back of your hand – just think of like driving, right? When you drive somewhere, it’s effortless for you. Now, you don’t even have to think about it. But when you are learning you are, you know, you are a little nervous and so the experience with the professional, it feels effortless.

Difference Between A Headshot And A Brand Photo

Excerpt from our conversation:

Jerrell Trulove: there’s a big difference between a headshot and a brand session. A headshot is just a professional photo of you. That’s all it is. It gives no context to who you are, your personality, what you do, or where you do it. Or even your personal style, even though you’re wearing your own clothes, it still doesn’t really allow the person looking at the photo to really tap into who you are. And that is the difference. [Brand photos] really allow you to go into that person’s world and learn more about who they are. And that’s why you know, brand sessions are so important. I feel like brand sessions are actually starting to become more popular, especially since COVID, especially since so many people are, I would say, taking a dive into the entrepreneurial world and kind of finding their own path, branded sessions are needed now more than ever.

Ross Herosian:  And I would also say that the big difference…it’s about intention like a headshot has a purpose, a headshot has a very specific purpose, right? [With a professional headshot] it’s like, “oh, I want to present myself professionally”, right? Whereas a branded photoshoot can still accomplish presenting you professionally but I think just like you said, it injects some of your personality in there and give people a glimpse of who you are. 

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