Show + Tell Video

The show is over...

When I set out to create Show + Tell Video, I was coming from years of experience as a video producer, videographer, and content marketer. I wanted to create a platform that would allow creative business owners the ability to produce videos easily, affordably, and quickly without having to hire expensive contractors, buy fancy cameras, or editing know-how. 

And Show + Tell Video delivered.

But on August 1, 2021 the show came to an end as I decided to shut down Show + Tell Video. 

This decision was a difficult one but as my business has evolved, I’m leaning into the areas that I love doing (such as my new group coaching program) and shutting down services that I don’t have time to support (such as Show + Tell Video).

If you landed on this page and you’re looking to easily collect video testimonials, create videos, and/or send video email, book some time with me below and we can discuss your specific video and marketing needs.

If you’re looking to be a better marketer, check out all that Tricycle Creative has to offer creative business owners.

Thanks for your support and keep pedaling!

-Ross Herosian (Founder + CEO, Tricycle Creative)

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