Podcast 101 Guide


Podcasting is a great way to showcase your expertise, attract customers, and build an online audience.  Throughout my career in broadcasting, digital marketing, and recruiting, I’ve hosted, produced, and promoted lots of podcasts and I’ve put together a comprehensive guide for any creative business owner who is looking to start or grow a podcast. It includes:

  • Software and service platforms you can use to produce your show
  • All the equipment you need to get started (or to sound more professional)
  • The best podcast hosting platforms 

Mic Check, 1-2...Is This Thing On?

Are you thinking about starting a podcast?

Or, maybe you have a podcast and want to grow your audience or up your game?

Either way, there’s no reason not to grab our Podcast 101 guide. It’s completely free and, honestly, we’re really proud of it. 

We take pride in the work we do with creative business owners and we’ve loved producing our very own podcast.

If you have the passion, this guide can get you podcastin’.


“We’ll do it live!” can be a recipe for disaster. Great podcasts (just like most great content) is strategic and thought out so that it’s entertaining, creative, and informative. Get our recommendations on the tools we use to collect our thoughts, share our ideas, and collaborate with guests and co-hosts.

How To Produce Your Podcast | Podcast 101 Guide by Tricycle Creative


This is the most intimidating part for most people – actually creating the show. You don’t have to be a professional broadcaster or audio editor to create a podcast. In fact, there are a bunch of tools that exist that make producing your podcast a snap! Want to know what they are?

Download the guide, silly!



Once you’ve created your podcast, you need to promote it to your current and prospective customers PLUS you need to submit it to podcast directories so it can be discovered. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do this, that’s why we put this guide together!

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