Improve Your Video Rankings: Key Findings From New YouTube SEO Report

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Small business marketers, the Marketing CLARITY Podcast is for you if you’re looking to create better content and be a more informed digital marketer. Hosted by Ross Herosian (a Marketing coach, content creator, and entrepreneur) episodes are a mix of helpful Marketing tips, digital marketing and social media updates, conversations with subject-matter experts, and his own unique perspective on how to promote and grow your business. So sit back, relax, and let’s get pedaling!

Tubics and Semrush combined forces and did extensive research on YouTube SEO, studying many different variables, to unwrap YouTube’s ranking algorithm. In this segment, we go through the key takeaways and actionable tips to potentially get your videos ranking at position one!

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In This Episode...

0:00 – YouTube SEO Report
1:57 – Go Concise OR Elaborate
6:42 – Video Titles
8:48 – Video Descriptions
11:15 – Video Tags
13:20 – Timestamps/Chapters
22:07 – Video Platforms + Strategy


Semrush + Tubics YouTube SEO Report: https://www.semrush.com/blog/youtube-seo-study/


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