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Game Worlds
Alicia Andrew | Game Worlds

As a small company, we really benefited from having Ross and team articulate who we were as a business, and come up with a marketing plan. It will definitely help us focus on the core ideas and how to get across to our customers the value we bring, and the passion we have. Time is valuable, and it felt like the value we got both in meetings and the process was worth it. The price for the service was reasonable and we’re happy we worked with Tricycle. We’d be happy to recommend them! Also, Ross was super supportive and energetic, which made the experience fun and enjoyable!

Alicia Andrew

Owner, Game Worlds

Game Worlds

Game Worlds is a organization that hosts video game development camps, after-school programs, and workshops. At Game Worlds, kids learn the skills needed to make their very own video games. Real-world developers guide kids through a crash course into how games are made, and help students bring their vision to life through practical skills such as programming, design, testing, business, writing, audio engineering, and art. Students come away with a game they’ve created while learning game development!

They Needed...

help in three key areas: 

  1. Branding: Consistent and intentional communication of who they are and what they do. We needed to build the backbone of their entire Marketing strategy.
  2. Social Media: Who has time to post to social media?! Well…they didn’t. Posts were few and far between with a bulk of them coming in the Summer during their camp. 
  3. Telling Their Story: How do they tell their story year-round in a way that generates more interest and awareness in their game development programs?

I Delivered

Tricycle Creative worked with Game Worlds to help them get a better understanding of key customer segments + marketing opportunities for their summer camps, after school programs, and teacher training. We also hosted a private Marketing workshop with Game Worlds so they could learn simple, implementable tactics to improve quantity of social posts, grow online audience, and increase engagement. 

To increase their visibility through online search and understand their web traffic we optimized their Google My Business account and installed Google Analytics on their website.

We also created a Brand Guide and designed a new Game Worlds logo (with multiple variations).

Finally, we provided Game Worlds with a document of 3 actionable  Marketing tips/recommendations that they can do themselves to keep promoting and growing their business.

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