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If You Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail

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50% of Small Businesses Do Not Have a Marketing Plan

Small businesses with marketing plans are like bigfoot – people say they’ve seen them but sightings are disputed and can’t be proved.

Here’s the problem you face: as a business owner, the “traditional” marketing plan is outdated, time-consuming, and, let’s be honest, boring as hell to put together.

This means you’ll never make it a priority and you’ll continue to just fly by the seat of your pants when it comes to your marketing, content, messaging, and sales.

Making it up as you go and drifting aimlessly from one strategy to the next like a boat lost in the fog.

Your Marketing Struggles Cost You Time + Money

Without a well-thought-out marketing plan in place, small businesses will find themselves spending more time and money in the long run. Without proper research and strategizing, companies may end up investing resources into tactics that do not pay off in the end, resulting in lost time and money. A content or marketing plan helps small businesses to focus on their core objectives while staying within their budget. It allows them to make smart decisions with their resources and optimize their strategies to reach their desired results in a timely manner.

When you don’t have a marketing and content plan, you suffer from…

Customer Confusion

  • Limited understanding of customer preferences
  • Lack of knowledge about the target market
  • Inability to attract new customers and retain existing customers
  • Low engagement with target customers
  • Difficulty reaching new customers and expanding market share

Company Confusion

  • Difficulty standing out from the competition
  • Low consumer confidence in the brand
  • Low recognition and visibility in the market
  • Lack of control over the brand’s message and story
  • Difficulty creating a unified presence across different channels

Content Confusion

  • Poor performance on social media platforms
  • Lack of visibility or awareness among potential clients
  • Inability to generate higher organic traffic
  • Lots of opportunities, but indecision about what to do

So, the way I see it, you have two choices:

You can choose to do nothing.

Ross Herosian | Marketing Coach

You can take the first step toward being a
better marketer.

What You're Gonna Learn:



Marketing to everyone and on one is the same problem and, either way, it won’t work. I’ll help you define exactly who your customers are so you can craft marketing messaging that is relevant and impactful to them.



You have not established your own Brand, so how do you expect prospective customers to be motivated to buy from you? Together, we’ll create your full Brand identity: look, voice, values, and more!



Content creation is overwhelming – multiple platforms and formats, how do you know what to do? Once you deeply understand your customers and have your defined brand identity, we’ll put together lists of strategic content opportunities specific to your business.

Your journey to being a better marketer starts here.

I made the wise decision to join Ross in his Marketing CLARITY Guide program because I was struggling with where to start. It was so much more than I was searching for. I would quickly recommend his coaching to any small business owners out there look for substantial help with their marketing. You can feel the excitement when Ross is in coaching mode, and it's quite contagious. He brings an energy to the sessions that keep things moving along, and every bit of info is vital to your success.

What You're Gonna Get:

Define your customer avatars: gain insight into your target customers’ interests, needs, fears, frustrations, and problems so you can create effective messaging and content that resonates with them.

Create content around customer objections and questions so that you can qualify leads faster

The simple three-part formula that will help you figure out who your ideal customer is so you stop wasting time talking to people who will never buy from you.

Brand Identity: you’ll have consistency across all your marketing and messaging even if you have multiple people helping you 

“Bell Ringers”: simple and catchy one-sentence pitches that you can use in your sales, on your website, and at in-person networking events

See where your strengths and weaknesses are in your industry and compared to your competition so you can stop obsessing about what everyone else is doing and firmly step into YOUR power.

How to create your “core content”, the most critical part of your marketing, so you can attract more qualified customers

“Content Pushes”: fill-in-the-blank style content templates that you can swipe and use for your social media, website, and videos

Our interactive Content Planner workbook: a series of worksheets, swipe files, templates, and idea generators that you can use so that you no longer have to worry about not knowing what to create or post on your marketing channels (ex. Social media, blog, video, email marketing, etc)

How The
Marketing CLARITY Guide

After he completed his Marketing CLARITY Guide, Craig Dacy (small business financial coach) invited me on his YouTube channel to outline how the program works and clears the marketing fog for small business marketers.

Ross Herosian | Digital Marketing Coach | Tricycle Creative

Who Am I?

Meet Your Coach:
Ross Herosian

Over the course of my career, I have been a radio DJ, a collegiate recruiter, a video producer, a content creator, a social media manager, an event marketer, and even ran an arts non-profit. In my 10+ years at SiriusXM I was on-air, built an internship program that was rated the #1 internship program in America multiple times by Vault.com, developed the overall video marketing strategy for the company and grew their YouTube channel subscribers by 10x and their views by 210%. While Director of Campus Relations at The Art Institute of Austin I created and executed not one, but two, SXSW parties (one unofficial and one official in conjunction with SXSW Gaming). For two years I ran all the strategic and day-to-day operations of a local arts non-profit, Round Rock Arts, and organized the largest arts-based festival, Chalk Walk, in partnership with the City of Round Rock.

In 2018, I added Founder + CEO to his resume with Tricycle Creative. Tricycle Creative is a marketing agency that’s here to safely navigate businesses through Digital and Content Marketing. My flagship Marketing CLARITY Guide helps solopreneurs and small business marketers build a customized, actionable marketing and content plan for their business so they know how to spend their time, money, and resources. Tricycle Creative also offers ongoing marketing coaching, single-subject digital marketing training, and SEO services.

With Tricycle Creative, I am on a mission to make better Marketers.

The Marketing CLARITY Guide Is Designed For...

Business owners who provide a service and who are ready and willing to invest the time and effort to be better marketers.

People with little or no digital marketing experience who want to be smarter, better marketers

People who have no marketing plan and are struggling with analysis paralysis (i.e. “what should I be doing?”)

People who don’t know how to gauge the success (or failure) of their current marketing efforts

People who know their business can grow, and who are willing to work to make that happen

People who are friendly and coachable

The Marketing CLARITY Guide Is NOT For...

People looking for overnight success

People looking for a “done for you” marketing solution or service

Jerks. No jerks allowed.

“it’s [too early] or [too late] for me to create a marketing plan”...

People say the same thing about:

Exercise plans
Nutrition plans
Travel plans

Then they wait for something to come along and validate this decision to kick the can down the road.

But the problem here is that the BEST result they can expect is to simply remain in the same place.

For a little while, they feel good about the decision…but it returns.

It’s harder to shake than the people who call you about extending your car warranty.

It’s the indecision circle.

In this video, I’m taking on the indecision circle and the most common reasons why creative business owners don’t create marketing plans.

Working with Ross and Tricycle Creative was an eye opening experience. Previously my business was mostly word of mouth but I wanted to move it in a new direction, which meant finding new clients and stepping out of my comfort zone. Ross guided me through the process of deciphering who my potential clients are, what their problems are and how I can help them. I would recommend Tricycle Creative to anyone who's stuck in their marketing and needs a spark. That's Ross! Call Tricycle now!
Aaron Hodges | Owner, You Lucky Dog Podcasts
Aaron Hodges
Owner, You Lucky Dog Podcasts

What To Do Now...

If the Marketing CLARITY Guide sounds like something you need, grab a time below for a 30-minute Discovery call. In this call, I’ll determine how or if we can work together. If I don’t think we’re a good fit, I’ll politely let you know and provide as much helpful direction as I can. If I think we are a good fit, then I’ll outline the next steps to getting you signed up.

I don’t hard sell or haggle. I want people to join because they raise their hands, not because they have their arms twisted.

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