Noteworthy 2023 Digital Marketing + Content Predictions For Small Biz Marketers

Noteworthy 2023 Digital Marketing + Content Predictions For Small Biz Marketers

Noteworthy 2023 Digital Marketing + Content Predictions For Small Biz Marketers

Small business marketers, this one’s for you. If you’re looking to create better content and be a more informed digital marketer, then you’ve come to the right place. Hosted by Ross Herosian (a Marketing coach, content creator, and entrepreneur) episodes are a mix of helpful Marketing tips, digital marketing and social media updates, conversations with subject-matter experts, and his own unique perspective on how to promote and grow your business. So sit back, relax, and let’s get pedaling!

As a small business marketer, you know that staying ahead of the curve is essential. So what’s in store for 2023? In this podcast, I share five digital marketing and content predictions that will help you grow your business, manage your resources, and stay ahead of your competition. From AI to algorithms, these predictions are sure to have an impact on your business in the coming year. 

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In This Episode

  • Short-form vertical video is here (and a service you shouldn’t sleep on)
  • AI will make content creation easier (but not necessarily better)
  • SEO will be transformed 
  • New Instagram algorithm (and how it affects your account)
  • TikTok expansion (but why you should be careful)

Episode Transcript

Welcome to the marketing clarity podcast, the show that has a crystal ball, and is here to tell you, you should probably get that mole checked out, it’s probably nothing. But let’s just be safe. On this episode, I am bringing you my 2023 digital marketing and content predictions. Yeah, it’s January 11. as I record this, it’s still not too late, right, I’ve been able to read some of those tea leaves. And, really, I’ve put together five predictions, again, across the world of AR across the worlds of digital marketing and content creation. And I want to share them with you because they will impact your world and how much or how little you decide to deal with them is totally up to you. And of course, as a marketing coach, I’m here to help small business marketers solopreneurs and content creators navigate stuff like this on a regular basis. And that starts with my marketing clarity guide, you can learn more about all of my programs, get marketing clarity.com. Okay, so let’s start with my first 2023 digital marketing and content prediction. And it is, drumroll please. It’s that you will need to prioritize short form vertical video. You know, I don’t want to sound like the old man in the room. But I don’t know I’ve I’ve for the longest time fought political video. I it’s stupid. I know. You know, it’s like, I lived so many years, where people were recording with their phone vertical. And you just want to go over and gently take their hand and turn the phone sideways. Because platforms just did not work well with vertical video. Now, that’s not new this year. I mean, the last four years, platforms have become increasingly improved with dealing with vertical video. But this is it’s almost now if not is now the norm. It used to be the norm was like Okay, turn your phone for those of you turn on side and shoot it so that it is the more I’d say standard. More known more used, you know, the horizontal HD format aspect ratio. But now it’s flipped on its ear, the norm is, you know, vertical or square. And standard aspect ratio of 16 by nine, that’s the rectangle is kind of old news. You don’t see it that much anymore, with the exception, obviously of YouTube. But I want to bring this up. I bring up YouTube very intentionally. Obviously, when I’m talking vertical video, you know, what probably comes to mind for you is tick tock, Instagram. But this is, along with this prediction, my first prediction that you need to prioritize, are you going to see a more of a growth of short form vertical video, you should not sleep on YouTube shorts. I know it’s probably the last thing that you look at if you even look at them. But I have a feeling that this is going to be a year where YouTube and Google make a significant investment into the YouTube shorts platform. And if you don’t know what YouTube shorts is, it’s essentially YouTube’s YouTube’s Tik Tok, if you will. It’s their vertical video format. And when you have the YouTube app, you can watch them very specifically inside of they’re also on your phone, that kind of thing. So again, I stressed that you don’t sleep on YouTube shorts. Okay, my second prediction for 2023 Is that AI, artificial intelligence will make content creation easier, but not necessarily better. So, a couple episodes back if you haven’t listened to it, I highly recommend you do. I had a guest Kayla knob as a guest and we talked about AI copywriting tools, specifically open AI chat GPT has made a lot of Noise recently, and I personally use Jasper, which I really enjoy. It’s paid, it’s not free. So, you know, that’s why a lot of people are using the open AI and chat GPT but love it. So go back and listen to that episode. But the thing about AI tools now is this is not just about copywriting, right? They can yet generate whole blogs, they can make create images now they can answer questions, okay. And they are evolving, they’re going to become self aware, potentially, this is not a prediction for 2023 But you know what, let’s go ahead and get it on tape just in case Cyberdyne systems will be will go online, and well, then we’re going to have a problem on our hands. But let’s, I guess put that on the shelf right now. I think the other there is a downside of, of AI tools like this content creation tools, is yeah, it’s going to make content creation, easier, more accessible to you, if you are not a copywriter, if you are not a logo maker or a graphics creator, and that’s a good thing. Okay. But we’re also going to run this risk of you know, with this mass accessibility, you know, with great power comes great responsibility, how much of this content is going to be authentic? How much are we going to start running into duplicated content all across the web that’s generated by these AI tools? You know, so I think that it’s still, when you use an AI tool to create content, you absolutely still need to add your, I’ll say personal touch your voice, your brand, your input, your expertise, your opinions, it needs to be supplemented with those items, to make it truly worthwhile and to make it stick out. Because if everyone’s just creating AI content, nothing’s really going to be authentic. And if you’re creating content that’s not authentic and putting it out there, then what value is it actually, when we’re talking about your marketing, right, if you’re putting stuff out there that you don’t either believe in, you don’t understand, then when let’s say you even sign up a client from that what’s going to happen there, it’s not going to be helpful. Now, the other downside, I would say around AI, tools, content tools, is that your it’s going to affect freelancers. So if you’re out there and you are a freelance or contractor who creates logos or graphics or as a copywriter, that kind of thing. You You could be affected by this, it could hit you hard. So this is where I tell you that you need to embrace these tools. Okay, you need to understand how they work, you need to understand their shortcomings. You need to understand your own value. And what differentiates you from a Artificial Intelligence Service or how you supplement that, right. Don’t just shove your head in the sand and pretend like they don’t exist, right? Don’t be the horse and buggy maker. Oh, if you make horses, but the hood, the horse drawn carriage maker in the era of the automobile, and just be like, Oh, that’s a fad. It’s not. So you need to jump in and start using these tools, start figuring out how you can fold them in to your business and your services. And again, the key differentiator and if this is something that you struggle with, or you you are going to struggle with or you’re thinking about right now, you’re like, How the hell am I going to do that? It’s this type of thing, that my marketing clarity guide is designed to help you navigate. So go get marketing clarity.com Go there, see everything that’s included in my marketing clarity guide, I’d love to work with you, but it helps to, I can work with you to help navigate some of those areas. My third prediction is that SEO is going to be transformed in 2023. Now, I feel like that’s kind of a easy prediction. I suppose you could literally make that prediction every year because SEO is It is just such a moving target, right? There’s just so many, particularly this last year, Google made an unprecedented amount of updates to their search platform. I mean, like, dwarfs the number from previous years, so many updates to Google. Google is still king. Now we’re seeing though coming in March of this year, that Bing is going to incorporate chat GPT, which is, again, that AI tool from open AI, which is invested heavily in by Microsoft, and Microsoft owns Bing, also, to the tune of a billion dollars, I think Microsoft invest in the open AI, like research group, which created jet chat GPT. But the thing about, again, we talked about AI, my last prediction, but it’s going to make its way and affect SEO also, because you’re going to have more information conceivably out there. But here’s the thing, even by their own admittance, open AI said that. Well, it creates, when you ask it a question, when you ask AI a question right now, it still generates a good amount of misinformation. And the thing about it, that is kind of scary, is I think it almost makes it more believable. Because it’s like you’re asking a friend, you know, if you I’m not saying you make friends with your robots, I mean, maybe you should, because again, we got to welcome our artificial intelligent robot overlords. But you ask it, and it gives you answers in a conversational almost like, oh, yeah, you know, like, oh, like, what’s the biggest mammal? And then they come back with oh, well, the biggest mammal in the world is a gray elephant. And the gray elephant lives in Africa. And bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah. Right? And you like, Okay, that’s a lot. That’s a lot of information must be true. But the problem is, is that it? It’s not? Actually, I don’t know if that factors drove us to an example. But it gives the way it presents its answers can be I think, very deceiving versus, okay, a Google where it gives you a list of links, which is what AI would like poopoo that big? Oh, yeah, you know, we don’t give you just a list of links for you to figure out and navigate, we give you the answer. And the problem is when you don’t give the right answer. And the problem is, is how, and who determines the right answer? I mean, if we’re asking two plus two, that’s easy, but for these other more nuanced things, how does AI navigate that answer versus Google, or at least the traditional SEO, we understand where it says, okay, it uses a lot of signals, and it will give you kind of a list based on hundreds of signals, but you still kind of have to navigate through it and, and maybe find your truth, but it gets you infinitely closer. Whereas open eyes like oh, yeah, well, here’s the answer. But what if that answer is not true. So I think this is going to be a really, really interesting year, when it comes to how truth and accuracy is deciphered through new signals. When I say signals, again, there’s hundreds of factors. I have a boot camp inside my marketing clarity community that does a whole I do a breakdown of the SEO, foundation fundamental. So if this is kind of going a little over your head, it’s I make I break it down super easy. Again, if you go to get marketing clarity.com, you can join my free community, check out that bootcamp. It’s free. But signals are things like Oh, who clicks on it, who links to it? How long are people on the page, so on and so forth? Those may need to be evolved this year. So I think it’s going to be a very interesting year for SEO. My fourth prediction is, well, an easy prediction because it’s just more like reiterating what’s going to actually happen or what’s been stated is going to happen by Mehta. And that prediction is that we are going to be getting a new Instagram algorithm. And what they are doing when I say they, I mean meta is going to be doing is they’ve they’re Are they’re getting beaten up by tick tock the getting murdered by tick tock right i mean tick tock is siphoning away users audience watch eyeballs, ears, everything tick tock is this has been a hell of a year, or 2022 was a hell of a year for tick tock. It’s, it’s scary as hell to meta, then by extension to to YouTube and Google that kind of thing. But meta formally, the way they would solve these problems is just to acquire the company. And that does not seem to be in the cards for them. So when that doesn’t work for them, they go to option two, which is let’s just try to outlaw right copy them. And then we’ll squash them because we have a bigger user base. I don’t know how much longer that strategy is going to work as users flock away from the meta platforms of Facebook and Instagram. But meta is making the Facebook Instagram experience a lot more blurrier. Where you when you share content on one, it goes to the other. I don’t love that. Honestly. I kind of long for the days where Instagram was actually just about photos. But perhaps that’s a discussion for a different day. But Mehta has announced that they are going to make an update the IG Instagram algorithm significantly. So that is going to be more akin to tick tock now, if you have not been on tick tock, let me tell you just how it differs. Tic TOCs algorithm is baller it, it is amazing. And it’s it’s actually kinda a little bit scary, just how smart it gets with predictive predictively putting content in front of you that it thinks you’re going to like, I mean, it’s scary. How, how well it does, okay, and I think a big difference with tick tock versus an IG is that tick tock puts content in front of you, for people who you don’t follow, right? It’s not limited to that it has a friends like a people you follow feed, but its main feed is content that may or may not be people you follow. But if it puts in what it thinks you would like based on your behaviors and the people you follow, and it is I mean, it is so easy to go down a Tiktok rabbit hole it’s I compare it to what used to be in kind of still is like Pinterest, you can easily find yourself wasting a whole afternoon looking up airfryer recipes on Pinterest, which by the way, I have been doing that recently because I just got a new airfryer. So that’s that’s part of my life, but but I’m going to end up jumping into Tik Tok and looking at airfryer recipes. And then inevitably, I’m gonna have no shortage of airfryer content served up to me even if I don’t follow a single airfryer account. PS if you have a good airfryer recipe, feel free to send it to me. I’m on the socials at Ross, Hiro love to learn about it. So that is my fourth prediction, we’re going to get a new Instagram algorithm that is going to be less about only people you follow. And then the ones that are the ones that make your way make it’s the content that makes his way into your feed is usually an ad if it’s not from someone you follow, that’s going to change. And it’s going to be a lot more like tick tock and a lot more predictive, which can be a very good thing for your business. And I say this because there you may not have a lot of people following your business account. But you operate your business Instagram account or you know, in a particular sphere where ideally you’re talking about you know, whatever it is you do the services you provide that your expertise, that kind of thing. So you may not just have a big sphere of influence by followers, but if and when probably when again, IG makes this update. All of a sudden you are going to have a much improved chance and opportunity to be in front of people who either because they have said they are interested in your business service, or have done behavior things on the app that would lead Mehta to say hey, I think this person this you As there is going to be interested in this business, you’re going to have a much better chance for discoverability. And so I actually see this as very exciting. And so we’ll see what and how exactly this algorithm changes. But I am 98% Certain, it’s coming in 2023. My last prediction is about Tiktok. Now, interestingly enough, for all my previous four, I feel like tick tock has made its way in there a little bit, which just, I think feeds into why it had to get its own category, that in 2023, we’re going to see a significant tick tock expansion. And, you know, if you’ve been hesitant about getting on tick tock, I get it. There is something you need to understand though, for those of you that are out there and still think that tick tock is still just a, like a lip sync platform, which I don’t know how you can think that anymore, but you need to understand that 40% of people on Tik Tok are over 30 and, and a lot of them aren’t creating content, but they are lurkers. They’re consumers of content. And that’s okay. If not everyone is creating, but you have this giant platform where people are consuming. That’s a good thing, which is why we’ve actually seen such a meteoric rise of Tik Tok even this year. But there is a really big, big, big part of this and why I made my prediction to say that Tiktok will, there’ll be expansion that it will expand. I put an asterisk at the end of it. And that asterisk asterisk is will the app survive? This is a very, very real concern, because there have been a number increasing chatter from Capitol Hill about tick tock as a legitimate privacy, security data threat from China. And, and it’s not necessarily all just Boogeyman. Tick tock itself came out and said, Yeah, data like user location data, and things like that and contact data. Yes, it is actually accessible by a, you know, an arm a branch of Chinese government, they, they they access it right through bite dance, which is the parent company. They’ve admitted that now for many people who are on Tik Tok, that doesn’t particularly scare them. But, you know, you have to weigh your own comfort with that as a user, okay? But this is a real concern. That Okay, as Tik Tok expands, how much louder? Will that noise get? So, part of that expansion also is about Tiktok almost, not almost the becoming a new, viable search engine to find out like how to do stuff, right? I mean, I know if I need to find out how to do stuff, I go to YouTube still, but I’m gonna tell you tick tock is a damn close second and on the rise, and it’s a great tool because you get it fast, like YouTube, great for the long form. Tick tock is like, Okay, I’m gonna get in like three minutes or less. Okay, which is mean, that could be ideal. Right? And that’s also why it’s so scary to YouTube. Also, right, it’s a credibly powerful new search engine. And they have recently upped, you used to only be able to use 300 characters in the description when you posted to Tik Tok, but they they blew that up to 2200 characters now, which means Tik Tok is going to be getting a lot more context around what is in that video. And as I mentioned, their algorithm is has been amazing with only 300 characters. So imagine what they’re going to be What to do, when people start providing up to 2200 characters about what the video contains. It’s going to be huge. But here’s the thing, and this is what’s really important. I want you to hear this about tick tock and if you haven’t started the tic toc strategy or you’re thinking now that you’re thinking about it, because of the real risk of tic toc becoming well being shut down. You should be doing videos and unable to get what I would call the raw video. So that you can then also utilize it on reels or shorts and not have it just locked up in Tik Tok. Because what I don’t want to happen is for you invest time money resources into creating Tik Tok videos. And then tick tock maybe goes away, and you can’t do anything with those videos anymore. Okay. Because you need non watermark tick tock, when you export it, it’ll put the Tick Tock logo on it. And reels Maeda reels has said they look for that. And they will essentially kind of crushed the reach of that content because they want it to be original to their platform, they don’t want you to just even though it’s so much easier for you as a small business marketer to just repurpose the same thing. So use a tool, like cap cut, use a tool for those of you that have Adobe Creative Suite, use Premiere rush on your phone and make your base video in there. So that you have it, and then do all your overlays and stuff in the app. Okay, so I want you to be able to have access to content you create. If and when tic tock maybe goes away, right, that’s that’s really valuable. Now, if you’ve already created a ton of TiC TOCs, and you’re like crap, I didn’t think to do that. Lau me to recommend an app. And that app Give me one second here is doo doo doo doo doo, please hold okay, it’s called tick save. So tick Save. To app, I have an iPhone. I don’t know if it’s on Android, I’m assuming it is I kind of assume everything that’s on iPhone now is on Android also. Tick save it is I want to say freemium but I maybe not I ended up paying for it. It’s like 30 bucks or something a year, what tick save does is you just grabbed the URL of an existing tick and off the call, take existing video on Tiktok. Paste it into tick save. And it exports the video mine minus the Tick Tock watermark. Okay, so it goes into essentially what it goes, it seems to go into the base code and pull the source video from a tick tock server or something like that. I’m just guessing. But that’s that’s, that’s essentially maybe how it works. But and you export it HD is beautiful. They look you wouldn’t know it any different and it does not have the Tick Tock watermarks on it. So certainly a tool if you’ve already created a bunch, and you don’t have those source videos, I recommend that you check that app out and use it. So there it is. Those are my five digital marketing and content creation predictions for the year 2023. I hope you found this useful. I hope you’ve got some really great instruction and guidance on how these predictions can impact your marketing and what you kind of need to be doing to get out ahead of them. If you did find us in this podcast, of course, I ask that you subscribe. And wherever you listen to this podcast, please, I would love it if you could drop a review, even if it’s just a handful of stars or thumbs up or whatever it is, because that really really helps this show get discovered by other small business marketers content creators solopreneurs and that’s what I’m here to do. I want to help them. I want to help you be a better, smarter marketer. So, until next time, until next episode, I encourage you to keep pedaling

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Noteworthy 2023 Digital Marketing + Content Predictions For Small Biz MarketersNoteworthy 2023 Digital Marketing + Content Predictions For Small Biz Marketers

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