Unsubscribe From The Holidays

Unsubscribe From The Holidays

Unsubscribe From The Holidays

Small business marketers, this one’s for you. If you’re looking to create better content and be a more informed digital marketer, then you’ve come to the right place. Hosted by Ross Herosian (a Marketing coach, content creator, and entrepreneur) episodes are a mix of helpful Marketing tips, digital marketing and social media updates, conversations with subject-matter experts, and his own unique perspective on how to promote and grow your business. So sit back, relax, and let’s get pedaling!

The holidays are here and that means peppermint-flavored everything, family, and AN INBOX FULL OF PROMO EMAILS! As a small business marketer, should you be sending holiday emails and if so, how do you break through the noise?

Today, on the Marketing CLARITY Podcast, I’m sharing why I love AND hate this time of year when promo emails are piling up, a tactic you can use to clean your inbox, and some of my favorite products and services who are always welcome in my inbox.

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In This Episode

  • Peppermint, Presents, and Promo Emails
  • Why Unsubscribes May Not Be Bad
  • Understanding “Permission Marketing”
  • Are you neglecting Your Email List?
  • Some Of My Favorite Black Friday Promos

Some Of My Favorite Black Friday Promos

Episode Transcript

Ross Herosian  00:05

Welcome to the marketing clarity podcast, the show that is not afraid to mark your emails as spam. I’m Ross Herosian, content and marketing coach learn all about my programs get marketing clarity.com Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Okay, let’s jump into the episode. It’s that time of year. Mary meant. There’s the Pumpkin Spice was in a lot of things. Now peppermint is in everything. Get those things are all true. But but that’s not, that’s not really what I’m talking about. I’m talking about it’s the time of year where your inbox is getting blown up with holiday seasonal promotions. And you know, I have to believe that the weekend following Thanksgiving is definitely the worst offender, right? Because you have Black Friday. And now following it up, you have that Cyber Monday. Right. So it’s like a double whammy of the messaging. Right, just endless. Your inbox just gets blown up this time of year. And you know, if you are a small business marketer, you might be a little guilty about this, right? Maybe, you know, that email list is pretty dusty, like as dusty, as, you know, the fake tree that you got to pull out of the attic this time of year. And and maybe just, you know, a couple of times a year, you’re like, oh, yeah, this is something I should do or need to do and and you send out, you know, a black friday email, and you send out some other holiday email you send out just because you remember to, you know, sending out a couple emails a year is not a strategy. It’s it’s a prayer, really. And it comes back to the idea or the concept, if you will, that when someone signs up for an email newsletter, or let me take a quick aside here. You might just add people to your email newsletter, which really is a no no, and I’m gonna get into that a little bit later in this episode. But you know, the idea that someone opts in or signs up for your email newsletter, it’s it’s permission marketing. And what they’re doing is they are saying to you, I am giving you permission, I like something about what you’re doing. I like something you’re selling a product you’re doing. I like you, I’m your mom and I want to support your small business venture. Thanks for signing up for my newsletter mom. Whatever it is, they are saying I am giving you the key to my inbox. Right? Come on over love to hang out. I trust you. Now if if they then come home, and the house is ransacked, and you’re half naked asleep on the couch, that is not an ideal situation. And that is where they may take away said permission. Now the equivalent to taking the keys away. So this is getting back to the Seinfeld episode where they’re they Kramer takes his keys back anyways, the equivalent to taking the keys back is that they unsubscribe from your email list. Now, if they unsubscribe because they feel like or know that they were just added and didn’t sign up. I don’t begrudge them on on that. And in fact, I even when an unsubscribe happens to me, I don’t get upset about it. And I want to encourage you to think the same way to bring this into your marketing mindset. If someone unsubscribes it’s because they no longer feel like whatever it is you’re sending is irrelevant to them. impactful to them, valuable to them. Whether that’s because you’re sending too much, too little, or again, it’s just purely okay. Yeah, three months ago, I was looking for a new bike, but I bought a new bike, I don’t need to hear about your bike sales, because I’m good. I’m, I don’t need it. I don’t need to be a part of this newsletter anymore. That’s something that’s happened a lot with me with a new baby in the house, there are a lot of things that products maybe I bought one of, and then became added, got added to the newsletter, and I’m like, this isn’t relevant to me. I don’t need swaddles anymore. My son is almost crawling and you know, like you we we just don’t need swaddles. And we don’t need these things, because he’s not a, you know, he’s not a three month old anymore. So you unsubscribe because it becomes less relevant or irrelevant. And so, one of my favorite things, the good side of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, holiday sales, for me, as first let’s start as a consumer, and someone who likes to keep their inbox clean, I think that’s an important aside that I need to bring up like I love a good clean inbox, I’m i, i subscribe as much as I can to an inbox zero. I love this time of year. Because this is when I discover what companies people whatever have added me to their email list. And I never signed up for him. Because this is the time of year where they send out their one or two emails a year. And I get so excited when I get those emails for things that I never signed up for. Because you know what, I jump right to that unsubscribe button at the bottom of that email. And if they don’t have an unsubscribe button, guess what’s happening, I mark it as spam. And that, you know, as a consumer, you should feel empowered to do that. Because I know all emails unless they bounce get delivered. But there’s still an algorithmic thing at play on the server side. And if an email is continually getting marked as spam, they will pay consequences for that there are consequences to your emails getting constantly marked as spam. Okay, so if that’s you stop doing it. Now, switching gears, as a marketer, what I like about this time of year, is I like to look at the designs messaging, copy, what people are sending. And I have a copy a folder in my inbox. I’ve talked about this before on the show, but I have a folder, I just call it inspirational emails. You know, you can call it whatever you can just call it, email ideas, that kind of thing. And if a campaign comes through, if I get an email, and I like the design, I like the copy, I like the messaging, I like the subject, I’d like something about it, I move it into that folder. And then when I have a little bit of writer’s block, I go into that folder. And I kind of just look for some inspiration. Now I encourage you to do this, this is a great time to start that habit because like I said, you’re gonna be getting a lot of email. The other thing is, I encourage you to unsubscribe take that extra click two clicks, maybe to unsubscribe from emails that aren’t relevant to you anymore. Unless of course, that’s mine. That No, I’m just kidding. If it’s mine, same deal. If you’re a member of my newsletter and is not relevant to you, unsubscribe, I’d love to have you. But also, I don’t I don’t want you to dread and hating or not needing my emails. Right? So take that mindset and apply it to your own to your own marketing mindset also. Now before I end this episode,


Ross Herosian  09:36

I actually wanted to share with you just a short list of some of my favorite products and some black friday emails that I was really happy to get and I took advantage of or I know I will take advantage of now they’re Black Friday deals understandably at the time this podcast may long no longer be going but I am sure they’ll be doing holiday deals, that kind of thing. And candidly, a lot of these probably have ongoing promos throughout the year. And even if they don’t, almost all of these are worth full price. So the first one is corkcicle. I am obsessed with their cups. As my wife would tell you, I have a Star Wars mug of theirs. And it is freaking amazing. I love it. They also were the sponsors for Disney’s Food and Wine Fest this year, which they had no good cups that though but they have a bunch of different collections. They have a Marvel collection a Harry Potter collection, Star Wars collection, they it’s just quality, amazing cups, and it’s not just coffee cups, they have like canteens and water bottles and stuff. So corkcicle Love it. Rifftrax so many of you know, I like to like watch, have something in the background where I work, maybe you’re the same way. And for me Rifftrax which is essentially Mystery Science Theater 3000 It’s guys watching a terrible movie, but they dub over you know, their commentary and stuff. It’s one of my go to background, things to have on while I work in fact many of you when if you call me you hear something and then I muted that’s usually Rifftrax or Mystery Science Theater 3000 So they were running a promo and I love what they do over there. Then aura frames a you are a it’s a digital picture frame. They it they’re fantastic. My mother in law has one and of course with our new son. And the first grandchild for all of the grandparents, these digital picture frames are a fantastic fantastic gift. Aura is one of the best ones. A you are a digital picture frames because you can upload the most pictures to it in one go. Also, the video and a lot of them they like limit video size. I don’t know I don’t think aura does. But again, don’t. I’m not exactly sure I have to upload photos to three different digital photo albums but I’ll tell you or as the best experience, and just just really, really quality stuff. Jam B’s JMBY S these are a take on some pajamas, but they make these amazingly soft shorts. Also, which I run hot. So having these like super soft super light shorts are amazing. They also make shirts made of the same material. Yeah, you know, maybe this is pulling the curtain back a little bit too far. But you know, listen, we live in a digital age where many meetings no one seeing anyone from the waist down. There may or may not be times where I am, you know, business from the waist up and pajamas from the waist down. And let’s be real. I think that’s probably the case with you when I’m talking to you also. So jammies check them out. And the last one is Peak Design. Guys, I’ve ranted raved. rant is the wrong word raved about Peak Design for years if you are a photographer, whether it be hot, like I’d say a prosumer photographer, but even a hobbyist Peak Design makes the absolute best camera bags, tripod, their tripod, their mobile tripod is an amazing piece of art and function. It is amazing. They have also just camera I guess will mount but the kind of you can straps camera straps that come with also like these things you can attach to your belt and put your camera on. Forgive me, I don’t know I lost the words there. But camera straps they make amazing. Everything they make is amazing. I have supported every single product they’ve ever done on Kickstarter, and I’ve regretted zero of them


Ross Herosian  14:27

Alright, kids, gather round, gather round, gather max, maximum if you don’t stop doing that. You’re not going to get to go see Santa. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, thank you. For it everyone. What did we learn in this episode? Well, we learned that sending out a couple emails a year is not very good content strategy. It’s just not very good. So you want to work with someone To help you really get the most juice for the squeeze from that email list, and why shouldn’t someone be me, you can learn more about my program to help you there get marketing clarity.com get content, clarity, customer clarity, and company Clarity. That would be great, right children, right? We just learned about permission marketing, that it is a privilege when people sign up for your email list. Don’t abuse it. Don’t abuse it, create content, send them things that are valuable, informative, useful, relevant to them, and talks to their F FPS fears, frustrations and problems. We also learned about my unsubscribe strategy. If you get an email, no longer relevant, don’t just delete it, unsubscribe it. And finally, I shared with you a handful of my favorite products. And candidly, these are things that would make great Christmas gifts and I will link to all of them in the show description. And you can also find them in the show notes at marketing clarity podcast. Alright children. So until next time, everyone needs to remember to be really good. So that Santa will come and visit you and give you all of the great marketing gifts that you want. That’s gifts G IFT s, not gifts. G I F s

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