Questions to Ask Your New Digital Marketing Coach: Consultation Call Questions

Questions to Ask Your New Digital Marketing Coach: Consultation Call Questions

Questions to Ask Your New Digital Marketing Coach

20% of small businesses don’t utilize digital marketing. If you’re a part of that 20% or if you’re looking to improve your digital marketing efforts, hiring a marketing coach can be a great, cost-effective plan for your business.

The relationship between a business owner and their marketing coach should be one built on trust. You need to believe that your marketing coach will help you do right with your business, your brand, and your money. In order to find the marketing coach that you feel comfortable with, you need to gain some knowledge about their experience and methods. Knowing which questions to ask can be difficult, however. Here are a few starter questions to ask when speaking with someone who is offering digital marketing coaching.

What is your experience in digital marketing?

This question will help you understand how qualified they are to help with your digital marketing strategy. Coaches who have worked extensively in digital marketing will be more aware of the current trends and changes that occur in the industry. They will also possess a wealth of knowledge about various digital marketing channels and strategies that you can pursue for your online marketing.

What digital marketing channels can you help me with?

Your new digital coach should be able to give you a comprehensive list of digital marketing channels that they are knowledgeable about. Some coaches may specialize in one or two specific areas, while others will have knowledge across the board. For example, if your business is primarily social media focused, it would make sense to work with a digital coach that has expertise in social media marketing.

What digital marketing strategies would you recommend for my business?

This question can help your digital marketer better understand what they believe you need to focus on when helping your company’s digital strategy. It will also give you an idea of the direction that they plan to take inside of their digital marketing program.

How frequently do we meet?

Having a digital marketing coach means that you will work with them on an ongoing basis. A coaching program can vary anywhere from weekly to monthly or even quarterly meetings. If your digital marketing coach has worked with other small businesses in similar positions, they should be able to give you an idea of what kind of schedule would work best for your business.

How can digital marketing help my business?

There are many benefits from digital marketing including building brand awareness and improving search engine rankings (aka search engine optimization). Your new digital coach should have a clear understanding of the answers to these questions. They should also be able to outline the objectives that they hope to achieve with digital marketing and how it will benefit your business.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Since digital marketing is an ongoing process, most coaches have a policy in place for clients who need to cancel or reschedule their appointments. This question will help you understand what those policies are.

What are your thoughts on digital marketing?

This question will help you understand the coach’s perspective on digital marketing and if they believe in its potential. They may have a different opinion which could be good or bad, but it is important to know either way. Additionally, this question can help you understand their general attitude towards digital marketing and how invested they are in the industry.

I'm a digital marketing coach - ask me these questions!

These questions are just a start and will help you get to know your digital marketing coach better. By asking these questions, you’ll be able to gain more insight into their experience, methods, and overall approach to digital marketing. This information will help you make an informed decision on whether or not this is the right fit.


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