Digital Marketing Stories – News Cycle (September 2021)

Digital Marketing Stories – News Cycle (September 2021)

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Twitter Testing Emoji Reactions

What’s the deal:

Twitter is reportedly testing a feature similar to Facebook’s emoji reactions. This will allow users to have more options when it comes to their reaction to a tweet other than just a “like”. 

Meet A Tweeter

What’s the deal:

I love Twitter. But most creative business owners don’t use Twitter because, I think in a large part, it’s the most unique platform when it comes to posting and engagement. To get the most out of Twitter you have to be constantly present and participating in conversations.

I have all-star tweeter Kayla Naab join the show to talk about her Twitter habits and ask her to share tips for creative business owners.

YouTube SEO Report

What’s the deal:

Tubics and Semrush combined forces and did extensive research on YouTube SEO, studying many different variables, to unwrap YouTube’s ranking algorithm. In this segment, we go through the key takeaways and actionable tips to potentially get your videos ranking at position one!

Instagram For Kids

What’s the deal:

Facebook has been working on an “Instagram For Kids” platform and had planned to launch in Summer 2021 but now, amidst reports shedding light on the toxicity of Instagram on teens, Facebook is pumping the brakes on the new platform aimed at pre-teens.

We talk about the toxicity, the content, and the terrible idea that is “Instagram For Kids”.

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