Dream-Grabbing in Self-Isolation | Rewind 2020

Dream-Grabbing in Self-Isolation | Rewind 2020


2020 was quite the year. It presented no shortage of challenges globally in personal and professional settings. The pandemic did something very interesting for Ross. COVID-19 brought Ross closer to the important people in his life. Nothing can be truer than the Tricycle Creative mantra during these interesting times; keep pedaling through the tough times.

Ross sought out his friends, clients, and other creative business owners to have them talk about the good, the bad, and the lessons they can share with his listeners. Rewind is a miniseries, bringing marketing stories you need to know every end of the month, but this time we will bring to you stories from this challenging year of 2020.

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In today’s episode of 2020 Rewind, we joined by a new 2020 friend, Victoria Weber and we’re talking with her about looking for employment during a pandemic, how the TikTok platform is evolving. And selling your turnips for bells.

Ross Herosian 0:26
Victoria Weber is this episode’s guest on my 2020 Rewind mini-series, and she’s bringing the element of youth street cred to Tripod. Victoria has another person like Matt Murphy who I met this year and have really enjoyed getting to know her. When we met, as you’ll hear in this episode, she was looking for a job and we had many conversations about her career aspirations, and I even helped you polish your resume. But make no mistake about it. Victoria’s not one of those entitled millennials. No, she’s super creative, talented, and a go-getter. PS I hate the classification of millennials as entitled or lazy. It’s complete and utter bullshit. But that’s probably a conversation for another day. Today, we’re talking with Victoria, about looking for employment during a pandemic, how the TikTok platform is evolving. And selling your turnips for bells. Hey, Victoria, thank you so much for joining me on Tripod.

Victoria Weber 1:35
I’m very excited to be here. Um,

Ross Herosian 1:39
I just learned about your first podcast. I mean, when when you when we agreed to do it, it was but then you did another one in between. And so now you’ve warmed up on another show. So you should be like ready, ready for my grilling line of questioning?

Victoria Weber 1:57
I am ready. And if all my years of improv have taught me anything, whenever I’m put on the spot, words will happen. It doesn’t mean that they make sense. But

Ross Herosian 2:09
I’m only doing this for the gotcha moment. So this is really just you know, I’m really just putting this together to really try and trip you up and get you but I appreciate years of improv skill. I don’t think you’ll need to fully utilize them for this show. But we shall see. So I wanted to start with, you know, 2020 has been a year, as we all know, a year the simplest way to put it. But I think there’s been a lot of yuckiness around 2020. So I’d like to hear from you. What’s one good thing that happened to you in 2020?

Victoria Weber 2:54
Oh, man, oh, not to give a spoiler alert for some of the challenges…spoiler alert. Um, one of the best things that I’m very grateful and blessed to have the opportunity. Um, I was able to start a new role. And it’s the first time I’ve been so empowered in a role and been able to really use my creativity and contribute. So that’s been so exciting. Um, people have been giving my head of marketing a hard time because of how non-traditional our team structure is. But I’m like, sorry, I’m sure this wasn’t your intended direction. But

Ross Herosian 3:49
I mean, how strong an argument is non-traditional in 2020?

Victoria Weber 3:54
You know, it’s not that that’s the best part is approximately 0% of historical data and trends are currently accurate. So it’s a great time. I mean, what mail CEO wouldn’t love to have a team that does a competitive campaign, based off of the award-winning reality TV show, The Bachelorette?

Ross Herosian 4:19
I feel like award-winning, I will say this award-winning reality TV show is a modern day oxymoron to me.

Victoria Weber 4:27
Okay, I don’t think they’ve actually won awards.

Ross Herosian 4:31
I would wager a guess that they probably have. There are enough awards going out there that are just floating around out there with the rabid following that The Bachelorette has, I have to believe they probably won some sort of web award at the very least.

Victoria Weber 4:50
I am sure they are a very long-running TV show. They have a wide breadth of audience. If you’re in the banking financial space. Why wouldn’t “The Banklorette” come to mind? I mean, that just?

Ross Herosian 5:08
Absolutely. And I think you know, what’s very interesting about it? You know, you’re just that, that the fact that the good thing of 2020 is that, you know, I think that’s one thing that has been forgotten, I guess, is that there have been, you know, there’s two sides of each coin. And I’m not here to say that one is better, each one is custom to each person. But I would say that there are opportunities that came out of this year because of how almost wacky, unpredictable, changing weird that it was their opportunities were to be had.

Victoria Weber 5:50
Yes, um, obviously, there were some people who had a lot more challenges versus opportunities. But I think the creativity that was allowed, like we filmed it all completely over zoom, the fact that that is even, yeah. Who would have thought? Also, if you would have asked me, I came into the year, I guess I feel naive, looking back with a lot of hope. Because it’s a new year, it’s a fresh start. And here I am, not that I’m keeping track. But it’s day 241 of me isolating at home, trying to stay safe. So yeah, there are opportunities, but challenges. And there’s a lot of another opportunity, um, that I was thinking about. I mean, I think I could have done a lot of this thinking in a shorter timeframe. So like, two or three months, I think, could have gotten there as well. But when, obviously, COVID is a terrible thing, and I would never wish it on anyone. But there is a slight silver lining just like a little bit of…When else are we going to be able to have the time to sit and pretty much like, have all distractions kind of stripped away, and to really sit with our thoughts, and like our morals and values and what we want out of life, what we believe what we support what we don’t. Since I’ve realized myself that I was pretty much going non-stop in my last role, and I was traveling a lot, doing things with friends, improv sports league, so I never really took a moment to sit and think. Um, and so I’ve learned in 241 days of being at home, you learn a lot about yourself do.

Ross Herosian 7:51
And I think the story there is it’s about, you know, for creatives, and even creative business owners out there, it’s about the adopting and evaluating change, right. COVID was a major, major disruptive change agent, right? But I think, absent of that, every year, every day, every month, whatever that goes on, you’re going to have to deal with change, or, you know, and how much, you know, how are you going to react to it? How are you going to move forward with it? How are you going to make changes or decisions because of it? Right. So I think that leads nicely to offer are two challenges, right? Um, it’s like the giant ball of yarn that like, unravels, it’s like, but when we talk about challenges of 2020, what’s the biggest one that you had this year?

Victoria Weber 8:51
Like, how much time do we have? So a lot of them are intertwined. So this is the part that was spoiled. But due to my new role, um, that started from losing my prior role. And I again, a lot of us came into 2020 with a lot of like optimism and hope for just a clean slate, and then, right as soon as lockdown happened pretty much in early April, I found out that my employment was no longer stable that I would be losing my job. And then I was basically staring down at my Cobra insurance that was going to expire in December. So, in the middle of a pandemic, losing your livelihood

Ross Herosian 9:46
was the…let me ask you this. You know, without breaking the fourth wall, you’re young, younger than me. Many are, was your previous…

Victoria Weber 9:56
I thought I sounded older.

Ross Herosian 10:02
I want to paint this picture, I think it’s important. Was your previous job? That wasn’t your first job or anything. Far from it? Correct?

Victoria Weber 10:09

Ross Herosian 10:10
Yeah. So I just bring that up. Because, you know, this transitioning, losing the job, and finding a new one in this in this environment had to be so different and more challenging than ever before.

Victoria Weber 10:28
It was terrifying. Like, I’m not gonna sugarcoat it, it was absolutely terrifying. I’m no stranger to the job search. But I guess that’s kind of when you start working at startups, that’s kind of what you get, is it’s not always stable. And but I was very nervous, there were different opportunities that just fell through for different reasons. And I’m very grateful for my network. It actually all started with a LinkedIn post, my current manager, posted looking for marketing employees. And as part of some of the executive board for the Austin ama, our current president commented my name, and then that’s how the whole conversation started. Because it is, I mean, during our COVID times, the applications, it’s very hard to even get an interview to get on anyone’s radar. And the fact that so many qualified people were out of work and still are. And I’m sure the listeners are like marketing and creative was hit pretty hard. I’m very certain functions that, typically sales is one of the last to go, because obviously, they’re a huge revenue driver, and sometimes marketing, it’s harder to quantify. And yeah, that was very difficult. But going through the interview process, I definitely feel that I ended up in the right place for me. And I, I did not expect to, I’ve said this, um, but I think there’s actually might have been my dream role, or at least for right now. It’s what I’ve been aiming for a long time. And I have a background in sales, but I’ve always kind of told the line between sales and marketing, and I wanted to make the complete switch. And so I said, Okay, like, I’m home, there’s nothing like there’s nothing else to do. So I’m just gonna put my all into this job searching really tried to make a transition.

Ross Herosian 12:44
Do you think with that job search, do you think that the, like, the direct, the path to hire people who are hiring opportunities, was, weirdly enough made more accessible, because like, you mentioned, how we were you were tagged on LinkedIn? Right? And then led to, you know, a conversation that, you know, whatever, that that path them? I wonder in a non-COVID world, right, if that would have happened as quickly, or if that would have happened, if that would have been followed up on the same way, I almost feel like digital almost started to gain weirdly enough more credibility.

Victoria Weber 13:31
It’s, yeah, and it’s also a lot of the people more executive level. Many of those roles, at least pre COVID, they were traveling a lot, there was a lot of like, in-person meetings, which obviously they just take longer based off of, you have to go somewhere, get back, like plan all the time around it. And so I feel like people have been more accessible. That’s and just having zoom as the norm instead of having to have physical like candidates physically. Yeah, go places.

Ross Herosian 14:06
Well, as a former recruiter myself, you know, I could see benefits to be had there. I mean, I know like their candidates are always coming to you when you’re the recruiter. But still, I can see there being certainly efficiencies in time doing things virtual through video, then even through in person.

Victoria Weber 14:09
Yeah, it’s been. I mean, obviously, I enjoyed it since I’ve benefited from it. And we did just hire this week. It’s been really exciting. We had two new candidates join our team, I guess employees.

Ross Herosian 14:47
They’re not candidates. They’ve changed. They’ve upgraded. They’ve been upgraded.

Victoria Weber 14:53
They leveled up, and one of them. Actually, it was someone I had met in Austin, but she was on impacted by COVID moved home to Michigan. And the other girl we had is in Chicago. And so my team is all spread out. But even my director, who I work most closely with, so I’m in Austin, she lives in Austin, and we’ve never met face to face.

Ross Herosian 15:18
That’s weird to think about. I mean, I can’t imagine another. I mean, I suppose it’s certainly possible with larger corporations. But I feel like that’s almost something that is now probably very realistic with, I mean, almost any size organization.

Victoria Weber 15:36
Yeah, we’re a team of we’re, now we are a team of 6 and now we’ll be 7. I just, in my mind, I am entertained. Because my boss ended up with a team of five strong, ambitious women. So I knew there was us and then we have one of our technical experts is on the team. And then he will be having someone to support him soon. So it’s a pretty small team, we’ve launched numerous campaigns, and yeah, we’ve just none of us have ever met face to face and we’re hoping that it will happen sometime in the future hopefully sooner rather than later. But um,

Ross Herosian 16:20
so it’s been it’s I think it’s safe to say like with most roller coaster, year, last year, job, had to go into the job search found a new job. It’s a job that you’re very pleased, very happy and right now. So let’s keep that ball rolling as far as positivity. What do you plan on changing or improving or maybe in this case, keeping going for your life for your business or your career for 2021?

Victoria Weber 16:51
So, I would love to keep this job going. We have some exciting plans. And my manager, he wants us to be edgy. He wants us to be innovative. He wants us to kind of turn the general perception of marketing completely upside down. I am totally for that. I don’t do boring. Well, like I just I

Ross Herosian 17:16
She says this as she’s wearing a cat in a president. I don’t know. It’s like a cat. How would I describe this shirt that you’re wearing? When we’re talking about creativity? It’s a patriotic cat. I was gonna say presidential but it’s like a patriotic cat with one of those. One of those tri-color popsicles. Yeah, he’s has one in his hand he is it you would you’ve considered the cat on your shirt a “He” just out of curiosity?

Victoria Weber 17:43
I think the cat is a “he”? It looks like my cat who is a “she”, but I think this one is probably a “he”.

Ross Herosian 17:49
He has a popsicle, but then also riding a popsicle. So you say you don’t do boring. I think is a fair, self-assessment. If I may.

Victoria Weber 18:04
My theme of 2020 recently has been we laugh, so we don’t cry. And it’s Election Day for and I think all of us are just like, we get like, we’ve had the experience. Um, we’d like to…

Ross Herosian 18:21
I thought you were gonna say my theme for 2020 is cats. And I was like, Oh, no, this is gonna have to be an intervention. This is an intervention show. where like, you have all these, like, you’re going to pan the camera down that I see. And it’s just going to be your apartments filled with cats.

Victoria Weber 18:40
Oh, I mean, that’s just the theme for my life. Yes, I’m like, I am in a happy relationship, but still identify as a cat. You can have it all.

Ross Herosian 18:54
Okay, that’s good to know. That’s good to know. Um, so I want to ask you, and I keep this pretty open recommendations. This could be a hot tip you got maybe a stock tip, I don’t know, probably not. A recommendation. I don’t have any tips. I don’t know, a book, a movie, a whatever, a podcast. I leave it very open. And I let you throw out there any sort of recommendations that you found particularly helpful either this year or in your life? And maybe you know, a fellow creative out there would also find helpful.

Victoria Weber 19:35
So I have a couple

Ross Herosian 19:36
Okay, I love it.

Victoria Weber 19:39
That I feel like they’re off the beaten path. So maybe they’re not maybe they are. One of the things that everyone talks about, but I feel like not a lot of people understand or utilize it, utilize it to its full advantage. If there are marketers, and they are looking to increase their customer base, and they’re looking to skew younger. You got to be on TikTok.

Ross Herosian 20:09
What a controversial take. And actually, as we sit here today for the election will be, it’ll be very curious to see if the outcome of the election will determine the outcome or difficulty of TikTok’s future.

Victoria Weber 20:28
Well, as as it stands right now, I understand there’s controversy about the parent company, about the purchase. However, all in all, um, I’ve been on for over a year, maybe close to like a year and a half now, it’s transitioned from just an app with like, teenagers, like doing dances, whatever. Um, when I first started, I was like, I am not the target audience. So therefore, I just made videos of my cat.

Ross Herosian 21:03
Your default starts to your platform.

Victoria Weber 21:06
But due to quarantine, so many professionals ranging from doctors, lawyers, financial advisors, a lot of celebrities, and a lot of artists and small business owners have started making content. And the algorithm kind of learns what your preferences are. And I started seeing a lot of like, procreate. So procreate, the iPad app. I’m trying to learn calligraphy and just doing different drawing exercises, trying to use the more creative part of my brain. So you can use it for education, as well, as surprisingly, I get a lot of my news from there now. Um, because it’s a little 30 seconds to a minute snippet. And, of course, it depends on like, who you follow. But as you’re scrolling through, and there’s a lot of political tech talkers on both sides of the spectrum, and, um, a lot of them do bring receipts, they bring their sources, um,

Ross Herosian 22:10
but it gives you a bite-size thing. I mean, even even, like, I’ll jump on to Twitter a trending, you know, thing, and I’ll look in right to get that first, if you will, like your daily dose, if you will, right. And then you may find that rabbit hole, or you inevitably will find them and that you go down and I don’t know, maybe it’s a black hole, maybe it’s a rabbit, whatever, you find something in you. You digging a little deeper on it. But you’re finding it as at least a useful like tool for not only, I mean, contents, a big umbrella, but also just for information. So again, it’s not just the lip dubs and dance stuff now that it is an evolving, robust platform.

Victoria Weber 22:59
It is so fascinating to look at it from a more analytical perspective. But if you love moving targets, I would highly recommend, because some of the challenges on, depending on the organization you’re in, organizations can move slowly. But with trends and TikTok, their inside jokes are like seven layers deep that it is very hard to explain. I know people are like, Oh, you went and get it. But like, there are things that go viral for whatever reason, everyone jumps on the bandwagon. And then within two days, it’s something else.

Ross Herosian 23:41
It has a fast burn rate.

Victoria Weber 23:44
But if you are going after that audience, um, that’s like, you definitely want to immerse yourself in there, so then you won’t look like you’re just a joke. And like, I don’t know if this isn’t offensive, self-deprecating jokes about being like, the village elders if you are too late to the trends.

Ross Herosian 24:05
It’s like. Hey fellow kids! You should be walking skateboard, right? You don’t want to be that guy. or gal, whatever, you know,

Victoria Weber 24:20
Exactly. Like there are some companies like Chipotle is doing a lot on there, or just different brands that if they have a team dedicated to it, who are doing it really well it can…

Ross Herosian 24:30
It’s so hard. And this is where I get so conflicted, even as someone who helps clients with it, right is. Here is what? Here’s what digital marketers right at volume will do to they will ruin the platforms. I hate to say it, but they do. They do like and I’m not saying… I’m not saying it can’t be done right. So you so it’s not ruination but they will you know, but what happens is they come in, right? They kind of dork it up a little bit, right? And then but here’s the thing. They don’t only dork it up, but they paid a dork it up. So then the platform is like, Well, I mean, we’re getting some money here. And depending on how responsible that said platform is and how much they care about their user base. They’ll lean in really heavy to that money or not, but oftentimes that money can change how that platform works. We saw this with Facebook, pre 2018. Right. laughs face I know, we, we cannot talk about Facebook right now because….

Victoria Weber 24:48
I saw we’re not talking about that. Yeah. But I did get told it was, oh my gosh, I’m like, oh, it feels like it was yesterday, probably six or seven years ago. My cousins were in middle school. And they told me that Facebook was Instagram for old people.

Ross Herosian 26:05
I would that is a compliment. I wouldn’t even go that far. I don’t even think it’s that good.

Victoria Weber 26:12
Like, and I’m like, I’m not at all okay like I graduated college like,

Ross Herosian 26:18
Well, I think that gives Facebook more credit than it actually kind of deserves to be fair, like, like, but I get the sentiment To be fair, like I, you know, for sure.

Victoria Weber 26:30
I think the challenge right now, with platforms like Instagram and Instagram influencers. The challenge is all of the ways you can artificially boost your following purchase likes purchase followers, um, LinkedIn obviously has its own special algorithm that I don’t know if anyone understands. Um, but the thing about TikTok is the algorithm is so random, it feels more like equal opportunity. Most random things will go viral and based off of, the watch time and the number of likes, then it will boost that content.

Ross Herosian 27:06
That is something I have even liked on TikTok as an outside observer, that it has been content first. Right. And that’s, you know, I think that’s a big barrier to entry for it for a lot of people is that, and then why, candidly, marketers haven’t quite mucked it up yet is because you know it’s not as simple, right? as like a Facebook where you can just, I’m gonna write this and put my link in there, you know. You got to really like to lean in, on TikTok. And that’s a reason why some people don’t and as some people why they fail. But I think that’s really true is because it’s its content first. And to your point, the current users, like sniff it out, you know?

Victoria Weber 27:54
Oh yeah. I haven’t seen anyone who’s trying to way to game the system yet. Um, it’s, yeah, it’s, it’s been very interesting to see some people who have literally made careers out of it kind of on accident. Yeah. Um, speaking of another recommendation, or recommendation that…

Ross Herosian 28:14
First one: TikTok. At the very least, may I say, the recommendation is to that you’re saying, maybe, at least explore Tick Tock? At least see what it thought.

Victoria Weber 28:25
Yeah, just like watch videos, you don’t have to make content. You don’t have to force yourself into it. But just to observe it the number of things that Gen Z has done, um, without getting, like too political, the amount of like political change and things they’ve coordinated just over the app. There’s even a joke on like, this is not relevant to this conversation. Yeah, good. They are writing a Ratatouille musical for like, no good reason, besides the fact that someone said they should. And someone’s like, here’s the program. Here’s one of the songs like it is a joke that just is like going too far. But now it’s like it has

Ross Herosian 29:08
Here’s the thing I’ve said about TikTok and why I do like it. It’s because it still feels fun. And it’s that it’s because marketers haven’t ruined it. But it still feels fun. Like, this is part of my no Facebook November, part of it, is that just Facebook as a brand. And even as a person, I’m only no-Facebooking for my brand, right? Just to be clear, but it didn’t feel like I didn’t care anymore. And we’ll see how I feel in December but like it’s just like, it feels like a chore. It’s not like Facebook doesn’t give a crap about brand pages. Right? So like its algorithm is kind of like punishing to brand pages. It’s a pain in the butt. And I just don’t like it. You know, and at the end of the day, I’ve always said when you’re a business owner. You own the business to play by your own rules if you don’t want to play by your own rules go work for someone else. So Mike, listen, I run my business. But who decides who’s going to tell me I can’t do this? If I was in some of my other roles? A big no, you can’t do that. Like, No, you can’t. I’m the boss. I can go off Facebook for a month. But it’s not necessary. Not only knee-jerk, it’s strategic. It’s like, I’ve looked at the numbers. The numbers combined with the effort I put into it, I just don’t, I don’t know if I care. So let’s take a month off and see how I feel. You know? So, so TikTok won. And now let’s talk about recommendations to fire away.

Victoria Weber 30:41
You actually made a nice transition. And like speaking of chores, what would be more fun than an imaginary island where you go and do virtual chores?

Ross Herosian 30:54
I think know where you’re going with this. I think Go ahead, keep going.

Victoria Weber 30:57
It is relevant!

Ross Herosian 30:59
I’m not saying it’s not!

Victoria Weber 31:01
Animal Crossing

Ross Herosian 31:02
Animal Crossing. Okay. Okay. Tell me about Animal Crossing ’cause I am a gamer, but I don’t have a Nintendo system. So I’m not

Victoria Weber 31:12
I am not a gamer. This is the first game I’ve ever played. When I was on my old people, Instagram, Facebook, I saw for a couple weeks people just posting about this. And I was like, I don’t know what this is. Um, but my boyfriend surprised me and he got the game, we had a switch. And, um, I hopped onto it. And I really enjoy it. Like the island. I think it’s fun. But some people are more into like designing their island. Some people are more into like fishing, I’m into hoarding. I like all the outfits. Um, and I really don’t decorate my island. But the

Ross Herosian 31:57
Your island is like a wasteland. But your closet, your walk-in closet is on point.

Victoria Weber 32:04
I mean, my island has been called trash Island before because I ran out of storage in my house. So I started on the ground. But the best part is, I had a friend who invited me to a Facebook group. He is in Austin, he’s a creative. He has a lot of friends who are creatives, but they’re like, photographers and DJs. And a lot of career paths have been hard hit by COVID. And it’s this weird thing that has been happening, that…I’m not saying that, like, this video game is my social life. But it’s been an interesting community and we call it COVID friends. But it’s an interesting community of people that we like, I don’t know because we are trying to keep ourselves occupied. We like to dress up and go to other people’s islands. And I’ve actually met two of them in person

Ross Herosian 33:00
Virtual dinner parties in Animal Crossing.

Victoria Weber 33:03
Yeah, but and we did like a pajama party.

Ross Herosian 33:07
Can I ask you something out of curiosity, did you get the game, in that time period where you were also unemployed. Because I feel like that was probably a dangerous acquisition.

Victoria Weber 33:18
It was still while I was kind of employed. But it was only after I found out I was soon to be on

Ross Herosian 33:22
Your boyfriend’s a brave man making that purchase at that time.

Victoria Weber 33:26
He thought that he would also get to play

Ross Herosian 33:29
Well, of course, as boyfriends and husbands are prone to do.

Victoria Weber 33:34
He played the first day. And then I think he just realized He’s like, he has other gaming systems and things he can use. And I’m like, this is the one thing and so I’ve met the people like in person, but six-plus feet apart, like outdoors. trading off like a face shield for whatever reason, or just different things. And so it’s this community we’re building along with, um, like, it is a game, but I don’t go on it to just hang out by myself.

Ross Herosian 34:06
Doesn’t it feel? I want to point two things out as an observer, as a listener here. Give me a face like you’re worried about what I’m going to say don’t be. I find it. Interesting that the two things that we’ve talked about have been centered around the concept of community. And that the two things you’ve also mentioned have circled around the concept of activities that bring joy. I think that’s just important to point out that that stuff is necessary. Like, pandemic or not. It’s necessary.

Victoria Weber 34:56
I am not an introvert and ever, like But I’ve been home for so long. And every time I see someone, even from like six feet away, it reminds me that I’m not an introvert. Um, and then like to bring it back, just one little marketing tidbit about animal crossing. A really interesting thing was towards the beginning of a pandemic. I don’t know many fashion designer’s name, but there’s a fashion designer who was dropping their fashion line. And they had like a virtual runway, like a virtual fashion show on animal crossing. Then a couple weeks ago, unlike I’m giving them free advertising, Ally Bank. Um, so just a little bit about the game, I won’t go too deep. But the money system, it’s called bells. And the running joke is that as you’re expanding your house, there’s a raccoon who owns the island and you keep getting more and more in debt to him as you like, expand your house, the loan gets bigger and bigger. Okay. So it’s like kind of reflects reality, but they had a whole campaign where you can…Okay, this is getting to be a lot on Sundays you buy turnip, okay. And it’s called the…

Ross Herosian 36:12
This is so…

Victoria Weber 36:13
Stock market….like the turnips stock….

Ross Herosian 36:17
Wow. Wow, I love a good pun. I love that. Okay,

Victoria Weber 36:21
Twice a day, you go to the store on your island, and you can sell them for different prices. There’s like a whole, like, prediction my people, there’s websites for this. So you buy them for like between 90 to like 105 bells, and you hope to sell them for like four to 500. So you make like a huge profit. And

Ross Herosian 36:43
this is a day trading game.

Victoria Weber 36:45
Correct? Okay. And an Ally Bank was like, “Hey, everybody, if you have turnips come to our island and sell them for 500.” Oh, somehow, like part? I don’t know how they did it behind the scenes. But yes, that is like, in I thought that was so creative. Obviously, if it’s within their, target audience, and they’re a bank. And so it’s like a

Ross Herosian 37:14
And brand affinity, right. For them in this. I know, so many of my friends are playing Animal Crossing. I would, I would say that it is barely a hobby and more of an obsession for almost everyone that is playing. So I understood, like, I could see the play, the brand affinity if you will, right, that you get from that. Right. And that’s, that’s, you know, are you going to get people to sign up? If they probably come in, in-game mega you fill out this form, and we’ll contact you I’m sure they wouldn’t have Nintendo wouldn’t let that happen. But it probably wouldn’t have happened. Right? But it’s but this like the. I can only imagine the kudos and the upvotes on Reddit and the likes that got on TikTok like for that

Victoria Weber 38:05
month. And, again, not. I’m not trying to bring a ton of politics into here, I just am telling the stories that I know when I’ve seen, um, Joe Biden has some really talented interns. They made him an island that people could like to go visit Island, and, and one. So remember, the turnip prices when you can sell them for like a high amount of balls. Someone tweeted that they had like a really high price that you could sell turnips. AOC herself went to that person’s Island. It was like a huge news story that she like visited their island to sell her turnips.

Ross Herosian 38:43
Well, she also she’s a big gamer. She went on Twitch stream or something before the election also. So, you know, I think there’s just again, there’s power. There’s power, opportunity. And I would say happiness doesn’t always have to be something with you know, like, God, you don’t need to get like this, this, this world that this American World of I need instant gratification. There’s something that these communities, they still exist. They’ve moved to, and probably your in-person community has changed, right? everyone out there listening, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t, you know, communities, I’d say thriving and maybe even just even being created because of all the events of 2020 and by extension COVID.

Victoria Weber 39:39
Yeah, I think it’s really interesting and really wild. Um, we started off the pandemic strong. I had my kickball team, we got our shirts, and we never actually got to play a single game this season because everything shut down.

Ross Herosian 39:54
They create shirts for a Super Bowl team that doesn’t win. Like you have shirts game didn’t we haven’t even been played.

Victoria Weber 40:02
And so we played a lot of like jack-box games towards the beginning. Um, they just come out with a new pack, which I haven’t downloaded, but I think everyone, even that got kind of old after a while. Um, I do have. So then I also have some TV show recommendations again, none of this is serious or very educational.

Ross Herosian 40:23
Well, I don’t. Yeah, that’s, I don’t have to do serious, serious education to all the time it gets exhausting for me too. So what TV shows are you watching?

Victoria Weber 40:34
Okay, so, the top… I consider some of the top humor and best-written shows. Schitt’s Creek.

Ross Herosian 40:46
Number one.

Victoria Weber 40:48

Ross Herosian 40:49
I don’t think we could be talking if… I had this one guy on my Facebook feed that said he didn’t like shits Creek, and I was like, I need to unfriend you. I don’t even understand anything. How you? How do you what? Now you’re just doing that to be the guy who doesn’t like it? You know, I’m saying, because Come on! Get out of here!

Victoria Weber 41:11
I mean, you just want attention. It’s fine.

Ross Herosian 41:14
The character development and character arcs of that show are just so touching. And it has so many moments. Much like the office where I cry every time. Every time I cry. And I’ve seen like five times. Still cry. Yeah, don’t tear up. I’m a big wuss.

Victoria Weber 41:36
Amazing. I haven’t watched the final episode of the last season because, I don’t want it over.

Ross Herosian 41:43
What are you doing over there? Are you kidding me?

Victoria Weber 41:45
I don’t want it to be done. I just…

Ross Herosian 41:48
It’s on Netflix. You can watch it again. You’re…I can’t believe you.

Victoria Weber 41:52
Well, so what I did is because I didn’t have access to the new season I rewatch all the seasons before I watched it. And I think I’m just it’s hard for me to let go. But then I feel like maybe I’m like the person from like, 10 years ago because like everybody watch Game of Thrones. Everyone’s like, we’ve heard of this.

Ross Herosian 42:13
No, I do think it’s very popular. But conversely, I can relate to your concern there. Because I’m kind of the reverse what I am is I don’t listen to those people who say that like for like, the 510 years where they’re like “go watch Game of Thrones, you gotta watch it.” And I’m like, Nah, I’m not really I mean, it’s right in my wheelhouse. But I’m just like, it seems like a lot of work. Like I don’t want to take a lot of like, it’s like I have to take notes while I watch. But here’s what I do. When and if I come around to watching those things like five years later, I’m like, late to the party guy. Like we talked about forming. Have you guys seen Game of Thrones? “Bro? We talked about that for like 10 years. Where were you?” It’s like The Wire. I’ve never seen The Wire either.

Victoria Weber 43:03
And like there’s a lot of popular shows that I haven’t seen but I do know that Game of Thrones It was kind of 10 years to lead up to disappointment but like Schitt’s Creek did not um, just to get

Ross Herosian 43:14
How would you even know if you haven’t seen the last episode but keep going it’s okay? I’ll allow it.

Victoria Weber 43:18
I know it’s disappointing. I have Facebook. And then The Good Place right

Ross Herosian 43:24
Also on Netflix, all seasons are now on Netflix at the time of this recording Netflix move stuff around but time all seasons just finished that one too. Have you been? Are you hacking my Netflix? Are you watching the exact same shows I am? Cuz Good Place really good. Love. Ted didn’t love everyone in that show. They were all really great.

Victoria Weber 43:46
So good. And the comedy is very layered. I appreciate it. But also they wrote it intending to have four seasons. And they had four seasons so they were able to tie things up in a ball. Like not because…

Ross Herosian 43:59
100% like it was intentional. And it never felt like it went off the rails. You know, right yeah, really well done.

Victoria Weber 44:08
And then the last, which, someone just suggested to me I went in with zero expectations

Ross Herosian 44:14
This may not be one I’m watching but let’s see. Go ahead.

Victoria Weber 44:17
I have since recommended it. One of my co-workers has been she’s pretty much made it to the end of Netflix every single show I’d recommend but she had not seen this and she stayed up all night watching this multiple times. Superstore.

Ross Herosian 44:30
Oh, so good. So good. You know, may I point out?

Victoria Weber 44:36
Oh no…

Ross Herosian 44:38
Superstore and Good Place have come off our fruits from the office tree, if I may. For any for anyone out there. So here we go. Talk about The Office. Have you heard of it. Hey, Victoria, have you heard of this show?

Victoria Weber 44:56
Hey, there’s this new cool show

Ross Herosian 44:59
It’s really cool. Its called The office. right?

Victoria Weber 45:02
Then I aged myself by being like I watched it before you could stream it online so if you missed the episode you were out of luck or you could tape it!

Ross Herosian 45:14
I never watched it when it was on TV weirdly enough, I never watched it. I only know what I mean. I know what I only streamed it so I never watched him knows on TV wasn’t into it. I don’t know.

Victoria Weber 45:26
I’m not saying I showed up to a party dress as three-hole punch Jim and someone else was just a three-hole punch Jim.

Ross Herosian 45:33
Of course.

And there was one Pan only one.

Wow, that’s an awkward situation. Yeah. superstore is fantastic. Same deal, great writing. Like jokes on different like levels. So good. So good. Great recommendations all around. And there are still shows I’m watching those are also shows I have a repeat. I literally watched Schitt’s Creek all the way through all the time. I probably will start up Good Place again. I mean, it’s really good.

Victoria Weber 46:07
So good. And I have just one more recommendation, but I can’t comment on it too much. Because it’s a book that has not come out yet that I have not read, but I have a pre-ordered.

Ross Herosian 46:19
She’s recommending something she hasn’t even read or tried. This is a baller. This is a baller recommendation here. Confidence, a recommendation of such confidence. Okay, go ahead.

Victoria Weber 46:30
Okay. So I learned about it through the MMA community, someone brought it up during the marketing mornings. It’s called Humor, Seriously: Why Humor Is a Secret Weapon in Business and Life (And how anyone can harness it. Even you.)

Ross Herosian 46:31
I like the sound. I

Victoria Weber 46:46
It was supposed to be released. But I believe it’s two professors who did like actual scientific research around like improv and humor. Just in business. So it comes out in February. So I have pre-ordered it.

Ross Herosian 47:03
That sounds like I need to pre-order it, too, now.

Victoria Weber 47:06
I’m like, it’s a recommendation for a book I like haven’t read, but I’m very excited that it will send it.

Ross Herosian 47:11
I see that. I can get behind that. I approve it. Oh, wow. So February is when it comes out though. Okay, February 2021.

Victoria Weber 47:19
February 2nd.

Ross Herosian 47:22
If you’re listening to this, that they’ve picked it up the time capsule in the year 2050. You can get that book on Amazon’s virtual reality store. Probably you can download it into your brain immediately. Perfect. Perfect. Well, I will say this. Going back to your game. I understand. I just understand the obsession because I’ve had a COVID game obsession also. So it hasn’t been and it’s been Borderlands 3. It’s probably a game, maybe your boyfriend is familiar with. I don’t know, it’s one of those shooting game. Super violent shooting games that…

Victoria Weber 48:07
He had that and then he had one that was like this big long, complex storyline. That was…

Ross Herosian 48:13
No radishes, turnips, or bells? I mean, come on, get out of here. Am I right?

Victoria Weber 48:20
Yeah, I would do that. Who would? Who would go and do chores? And like, pull weeds and, and like go fishing for fun.

Ross Herosian 48:31
You know? Listen, I get it. I mean, as I said, I just love that. So many of your recommendations, if not all of them actually are just centered around joy first, community second, and I think is just such a good thing. I’m really happy, you know, to pull back the curtain just a little bit. You know, we just met this year. I didn’t I mean, we met through the AMA, I think in that time period between your jobs. And you know, there’s very much a reason why I want to have you on the show because I think I love the conversations we had. I was so super happy for you that you got you to know, I knew you’re out of work, we chatted, we connected. And then very quickly before I could almost you know not to say I was able to directly help before I can even attempt to help you you had a job. But let me say this. There is very much a reason why you were able to secure that job. And I know it is because you are absolutely a hustler in a good way. And I don’t mean she’s gonna take your wallet. I mean, she…This is a girl who goes after stuff, you know, and, and you put so much thought and work even into, like, we spent some time working on your resume. Right. And even that, like you, came prepared. We talked through some of the stuff that you had done previously for another interview that you had, like, and I was just, even in those meetings, I was like, I’ve told me this, like, I even need to worry about her that. Like, I feel like this, she’s gonna, she’s this she’s gonna make this happen. You know? And I think what that is, is I’m a big believer in the make your own luck, right? You know, there. There’s a saying, I don’t know who to attribute it to. And we can just say, It’s me because it’s so smart. That, you know, luck is the unexpected arrival of skill. And I think that that is very much true. For people who felt like they got lucky this year or something like that. More often than not, you make your own luck. And I think you really did that with a job. And I’m really happy to hear that, that it’s that you’re enjoying it so much. So thank you for spending the time with me and chatting with me about all your recommendations. I’m not going to buy I’m actually kind of afraid of buying a switch. I’m afraid that I will be sucked into the Animal Crossing thing. So I’m not going to do that. I have an obsession current I can’t take another obsession.

Victoria Weber 51:34
Well. Well, if you do just know that Nintendo keeps sending out updates and patches to the game, which means they have new seasonal decor. New reasons to keep playing. Um, so it’s not just you play it and you’ve reached the end of Animal Crossing, they keep launching, we just got…

Ross Herosian 51:56
This hypocrisy in gaming or gamers right that I think that the dude-bros would throw out Animal Crossing, but in this game that I’m playing, they do the same thing. It’s like Oh, we got new outfits and new guns. It’s like bro, it’s the same thing. Like just relax like ’tis radishes, or, or, you know, oh, you can change the head on your character seasonally, or some nonsense like that.

Victoria Weber 52:23

Ross Herosian 52:24
Yeah, it’s pretty wild. So thank you so much again, for joining me on Tripod. To get links to all of Victoria’s recommendations and to check out other episodes on our podcast. Go to TripodPodcast.com for show notes. And I will see you next time. And until then, I encourage you to keep pedaling.


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