The Emotional Rollercoaster Of A Service-Based Biz | 2020 Rewind

The Emotional Rollercoaster Of A Service-Based Biz | 2020 Rewind

2020 was quite the year. It presented no shortage of challenges globally in personal and professional settings. The pandemic did something very interesting for Ross. COVID-19 brought Ross closer to the important people in his life. Nothing can be truer than the Tricycle Creative mantra during these interesting times; keep pedaling through the tough times.

Ross sought out his friends, clients, and other creative business owners to have them talk about the good, the bad, and the lessons they can share with his listeners. Rewind is a monthly series, bringing marketing stories you need to know every end of the month, but this time we will bring to you stories from this challenging year of 2020.

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In today’s episode of 2020 Rewind, we talk to Tara Johnson. Tara is Ross’s bookkeeper certified in Profit First and QuickBooks, helping end entrepreneur poverty. Tara and Ross will discuss the emotional impact of having a service-based business during a pandemic, how the acceptance of virtual meetings has transformed her business, and her personal note-taking recommendations that you may love!

Positives of 2020

Tara got the opportunity this year to take a step back and evaluate her business and whether it was operating in a way she wanted it to. Though she liked seeing her clients in person, face-to-face, it wasn’t the easiest thing to do. Since everyone was forced to embrace virtual meetings, it helped her step into that virtual business direction. It also expanded business owners to be comfortable with virtual bookkeepers, allowing them to embrace bookkeepers that are not in their cities.

These virtual opportunities are one of the positives across many businesses and when COVID-19 “goes away”, those opportunities will still be there. This change to virtual is going to be an option later, which Tara notes will be great for different situations, such as new parents who could use the flexibility of working from home and being present in raising their kids.

Challenges of this year

COVID was definitely a challenge of course, but the hardest part was working with clients facing significant revenue losses due to COVID and trying to support them. The fear of losing your business, their homes, and not knowing how long this was going to last for them to pivot towards other opportunities. No bookkeepers have complete knowledge of dealing with the financial difficulties during a worldwide pandemic, and finding solutions was a struggle for Tara. The amount of emotional support that was required to be there for her clients was heavy.

Changes for 2021

The number one thing she wants to focus on the development of a joint business venture. She also wants to “right-size” her house. When she moved from California to Texas, she was very excited to get a larger home, but now she’s noticing that the cleaning is too much.

2020 gives everyone, willingly or not, time to contemplate. Without life being busy with traffic and days out, were sort of forced to get a birds-eye view of what was in our lives and allowing us to reevaluate. Even absent of COVID, we aren’t taking enough time off away from our work. We over-glorify overworking and look down on people that take “too many” breaks.

Recommendations by Matt

  1. These days, Tara is loving her Rocketbook. It in an erasable notebook. There are so many notes that are great to keep and this notebook has a way for you to easily upload what you write or draw into your google drive.
  2. Embrace Profit-First
  3. Take time this last quarter to plan out 2021. Planning will only bring your business to another level. Even if things change, it’s a great exercise to create goals for your 2021 to give you perspective. Doing it before January allows you to go back and reevaluate your plans. A dream is just a wish until you put it in writing, and then it’s a plan.

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