October Rewind: Marketing Stories You Need To Know

October Rewind: Marketing Stories You Need To Know

TriPod, the Tricycle Creative podcast, is for anyone interested in being a better Digital + Content Marketer. Hosted by Ross Herosian (a Marketing coach, content creator, and entrepreneur) episodes are a mix of helpful Marketing tips, social media updates, inspiring interviews, and his own unique perspective on how to promote and grow your business.

In this Rewind episode, Ross and Hillary Houghton are back again with digital marketing news highlights for the month of October in another episode of Rewind!

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Here’s what you don’t want to miss:

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Chewy Taco Ross introduces millennial Hillary Houghton, founder of Social HQ. As you remember from our last Rewind, these are episodes that go over the highlights of the month. Google has an antitrust lawsuit, Hillary has tips for LinkedIn “spam”, and we get to hear Ross’s and Hillary’s opinions on various tools you may consider for your business!


What will be covered?

  • Google Monopoly?
  • LinkedIn Pro Tip
  • “Trick or Treat” (Marketing Edition)

#1: Google Monopoly?

The US Department of Justice has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google’s parent company Alphabet for using “illegal means” to keep its monopoly power.

“Today’s lawsuit by the Department of Justice is deeply flawed. People use Google because they choose to — not because they’re forced to or because they can’t find alternatives.”

Though you may be surprised to hear this, Ross is not a lawyer. Social media and search engines are very different. Google has an algorithm that is great for you to search a word and they deliver results related to that. Ross does not think Google is really monopolizing and that google is just used due to it being such a great search engine. Hillary thinks otherwise.

She’ll agree that Google has a great product and is used for that reason. Since Google does curate to you, it does give you the results you are looking for quicker than other platforms. According to what a person searches and the cookies it has for you, are they really giving you accurate results anymore?

A common topic on this channel you have probably noticed is personalization with social media and having posts curated to you so you have a more pleasant experience. Just like everything else in the world, everything is “okay” in moderation. Too much “curating” can be manipulation, and we are waiting to see where Google lies on that spectrum. We may also see another competitor.

What you should take from this, from a marketing standpoint, is that you have to curate yourself to your audience. It’s so important to have an audience and post according to what that audience is looking for. Of course, good SEO will make you searchable and allow search engines to connect you. Otherwise, you are invisible to them.


#2: LinkedIn Pro Tip

When you switch your title on LinkedIn to Founder or CEO, you will notice you will get spammed constantly. The amount of unsolicited messages will grow tenfold, easily and can really dampen your experience with LinkedIn. Hillary has a pro-tip to deal with such “spam”.

Turn it around and introduce yourself!

Hi XXXXXXX, it’s so nice to hear from you, and thanks for reaching out to connect! Your product/service sounds very cool and I’m currently in the process of scaling up my business so I can work with people just like you. I would love to chat with you to see if you’d be a good fit for Tricycle Creative after I get some more clients – do you happen to know any creative business owners (whom you could introduce me to) that are struggling with creating their Marketing + Content plan?

This not only opens up your opportunity to find clients for your own business, but will also help you distinguish who is serious about their offer to you and who is just copying and pasting a message to dozens of others.

#3: "Trick or Treat" (Marketing Edition)

MAILCHIMP — Email marketing tool

Hillary: As a light email marketer, its a treat. There is a free tier.

Ross: When Mailchimp just did email marketing, Ross really enjoyed this platform. However, if you are starting out and not doing any email marketing, Mailchimp is a great tool! Ross prefers ActiveCampaign.


LATER — As a social media planning scheduling analytics marketing platform, it’s specifically designed to bring your content planning to the forefront.

Hillary: If you are on multiple platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and don’t want to have to post from each app, these content scheduling platforms, like Later, are a lifesaver. There are others out there depending on your needs. Hillary really loves that this platform is visual-first. You can really see how your brand looks visually and develop a “look” to your brand if you don’t already have one. It’s so important to be aesthetically pleasing for your followers.

Ross: Ross did really enjoy later when he used it. They also have a link tree feature you can use on your Instagram to allow you to post all of your links into Instagram.


HOOTSUITE — From finding prospects to serving customers, Hootsuite helps you to do more with your social media.

Hillary: You can’t beat the price point since it is freemium. It is not the platform Hillary would recommend, she prefers Later.

Ross: This tool feels a little heavy. It also didn’t seem to grow and innovate as time went on so it feels outdated as well.


INSHOT — Release your Unlimited Creativity with InShot

Hillary: This app is mostly directed to iOS users who have experienced difficulty in using iMovie and have struggled to get your vertical, 16:9, video. It’s very easy to use and is also another freemium. It doesn’t have a ton of tools, but that helps the usability.


PREMIERE PRO — Video editing that’s always a cut above.

Hillary: This is not an easy product. For an entrepreneur who knows nothing about video, do not start here.

Ross: For someone who like having more control, Ross definitely enjoys this, but will agree this is a heavy tool for beginners in using video on their social media.


CALENDLY — Calendar Scheduler and Automator

Hillary: There is another tool called Acquity that integrates on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram so you have a “book now” button.

Ross: This tool eliminates the headache of the 10 emails that it takes to set up an appointment. It also keeps track of your own personal calendar to avoid someone booking you when you’re busy.


Check out following links we refer to in this video:

Google sued by US Department of Justice in search monopoly, advertising lawsuit – Regulators allege that Google is violating antitrust laws with its iron grip on search and related advertising

Google accused of being a monopoly by US in largest antitrust lawsuit in two decadesThe case could result in Google being forced to split off its subsidiaries.

Google Responds to US DOJ’s Antitrust LawsuitGoogle responds to the US Justice Department’s antitrust lawsuit.

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