Simple Sales Process To Boost Conversion Rate [VIDEO]

Simple Sales Process To Boost Conversion Rate [VIDEO]

Simple Sales Process To Boost Conversion Rate

Are you having difficulty knowing where to start when it comes to the sale process? Do you need a template to get started or want to see what works for Ross? Well, search no more!

Ross Herosian walks us through his proven sales process to help you boost your conversion rate so you can get more clients. There is, of course, a related video on youtube below you can check out with the following information. (There’s also a link in the description to get a 14-day free trial of PandaDoc).

Step 1: Consultation

“Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.”

How can you sell your product or service if you don’t know what your client needs? The answer is, you can’t. You need to have a starting point and that is something you can clarify using the E.A.R Method. E.A.R. stands for explain, assess, and review. In a 30 minute call, here is how you should divide your call using this method.

E.A.R. Method for Sales

Explain: Use 5 minutes to explain what you do and who you are.

Assess: Use 20 minutes asking questions and listening to what your prospective customer wants.

Review: With the final 5 minutes, review and talk about what you’ve discussed, summarize the points, and then outline what the next steps are.


You can send it through email or a google form, which is no more than 10 questions, including their contact information. This survey should take less than 5 minutes, no one likes taking long surveys, so don’t do that to prospective clients. A great question to include is “What is your budget?”. People don’t always have an exact budget so giving range options that make sense for your service, can help your client feel comfortable:

Step 2: Prepare Pricing + Services

Even though your prospective client may have filled out that survey, you never know what you’ll be offering them until you’ve had your consultation. The key point is to listen carefully. To be able to get good final pricing and pin down what services or products you will be offering, really look back at your notes from your consultation call.


If you include your pricing table in your proposal, you can get distracted. Exclusively do this step in Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel because the only purpose of the pricing table is to look at the numbers. Don’t worry about proposal design, we just want to look at what services we can offer at the price points suited for this prospective client.

Step 3: Create Your Proposal

Out of all the different kinds of platforms that Ross has used over the years for creating proposals, PandaDoc is the one that has suited Ross the most. It usually runs for around $600 a year. You don’t need PandaDoc, though. For this process, you can use free tools such as Google Slides, Google Docs, Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, and Word.


  • Open Notifications
  • Click Tracking
  • Set Expiration Dates
  • Create Reusable Templates
  • Get E-Signatures

All of this cut down proposal preparation time significantly, enough to convince Ross this was a worthwhile investment. E-signatures are extremely helpful to allow clients to sign and accept proposals electronically for a speedy and seamless experience.

PandaDoc 14-Day Trial


Why? This small step will help you manage your incoming client flow. People who take your proposal seriously for more than 15 days are probably not a serious client. If they do reach out after the expiration, you can offer them the services at the same price (or more).

Step 4: Proposal Review

Ross’s secret-sauce to his sale process is this step right here! You CANNOT skip this step.

Schedule a 45-minute video conference call with your prospective client. In this call, you just share your screen with the proposal and go through it with them. Let them know you will be sending them the exact proposal you are reviewing.

Why spend this extra time to go over the proposal with them, and nonetheless, in video chat instead of a phone call? You will get real-time feedback on the services you’ve outlined and the prices you’ve set forth. They will be able to ask about the services, especially if they don’t understand it or understand why they need that service. Addressing these questions in this short call can spare you a few emails in the future and allow you all to be on the same page by the time they accept your proposal.


It may be tempting, they may ask for it, but firmly and politely say that you have with past clients, found that it’s best to review it beforehand. Assure them, again, that you will be sending them the same proposal at the end of this review and they will have x number of days to review it individually and reach out to ask questions.

The main reason you don’t want to send it beforehand is they may look at it and already form an opinion over it before you can explain why every part of your proposal is important to them.

Step 5: Follow Up

Immediately after your video conference, you want to follow up with the actual proposal. Ross does tell his prospective clients that he is not going to “hound” them. The proposal is now officially in their hands, you’ve explained everything on there, and now it’s your turn to just wait for them to reach out if they have questions because if they’re interested, they will. You can most definitely reach out to them once, maybe twice. A good reason to touch base is to remind them that the proposal is expiring soon.

Aligned Stars-01

If the stars are aligned, what you can offer fits what they need or want, then you don’t have to “hound” them. Do not appear desperate. If they sign, great! If not, that is a-okay.

Follow up messages are also a great time to use content in your messages. This varies from sharing from your portfolio or useful blog posts or past-client success stories & reviews or testimonials.

Additional Resources

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Simple Sales Process To Boost Conversion Rate [VIDEO]

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