6 Social Media Learnings From Coronavirus

6 Social Media Learnings From Coronavirus

6 Social Media Learnings From Coronavirus with Hillary Houghton of Social HQ | TriPod, the Tricycle Creative Podcast

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Here’s what you don’t want to miss:

The day we recorded this episode was Star Wars Day, May The Fourth, and it’s revealed that Star Wars isn’t Hillary’s “jam”. Despite this being the case, and like a true intellectual (Hillary’s words), Ross bravely decides to continue on with the episode. 

Coronavirus has greatly impacted our lives and our businesses. And during this pandemic, entrepreneurs have been spending more and more time working ON their business as opposed to IN their business. Most likely, one of the major places where you’ve been spending more time is social media. So, here are six learnings from coronavirus that you should be applying to your strategy today:

#1: Create valuable content

It’s not just about putting out sales updates, it’s about creating content that resonates with your customer needs and adds value to their lives. Meaningful content connections will yield business and loyalty.

#2: Reuse old content (strategically)

It’s a stressful and exhausting time, why not make it somewhat easier on yourself when it comes to your content marketing? If you’ve invested time, money, or resources into content previously, consider sharing it again with your online audience during this time. It might need a bit of updating to make it relevant or valuable now, but don’t leave good content on the shelf.

The key here, and why Ross added “strategically” is because you don’t want to come off as tone-deaf with what you share. Properly frame the content you share to adhere to our first learning, make it valuable and interesting to your customers and prospects.

#3: Be more agile + nimble

The ability to go with the flow and be more in the moment with your audience in real-world events is really important.

Break away from your set schedule of posts and respond to the needs of your audience. This is certainly an opportunity for small businesses to move faster on social media than their larger, more corporate, competition.

#4: Create meaningful connections

On a business and personal note, reach out to people in meaningful ways to connect and discover how you can help. With coronavirus, we are all in the same storm but in different boats. Be more focused on what you can give, instead of what you can get.

#5: Be responsive

Social media usage has spiked. Take advantage of that increased usage by responding to comments and questions to build a connection with your audience. Every time you respond to someone they feel like they are acknowledged and while that may not make an immediate impact, it can pay dividends down the road. 

Being “responsive” not only applies to just comments, but a greater sense of empathy when it comes to your marketing. Be responsive to the problems and pain points that your customers are having. Don’t try to sell, try to connect.

#6: Try something new

Now is the time to try something new on social media – live video, Instagram, graphics, whatever. If you’re not trying something new because it won’t be perfect, that’s not a good excuse. Hillary adds a great piece of advice to add tangible deadlines to the “try something new” projects.

This is a missed opportunity if you are sitting there right now and you are not thinking and trying new things with your business.

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