The Impact Of Color On Culture, Behavior, + Marketing

The Impact Of Color On Culture, Behavior, + Marketing

Luanne Stovall on TriPod

TriPod, the Tricycle Creative podcast, is for anyone interested in being a better Digital + Content Marketer. Hosted by Ross Herosian (a Marketing coach, content creator, and entrepreneur) episodes are a mix of helpful Marketing tips, social media updates, inspiring interviews, and his own unique perspective on how to promote and grow your business.

In this episode, Ross interviews artist, educator, designer, and color enthusiast Luanne Stovall. They explore the topic of color as it impacts culture, behavior, design, and Marketing.

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Here’s what you don’t want to miss:

1. What is “color literacy” and why is it important?

Color is all around us and it subconsciously impacts our behavior, moods, and perceptions. Luanne’s new course, “The New Color” offers a multidisciplinary way to explore the dense network of color codes coursing through our lives everyday and gain practical Color Competencies for strategic real-world applications. Students will investigate the role of color through the lens of psychology, science, art, design, industry and the built environment. Components include a guest speaker series, hands-on experiments, collaborative research projects, readings, group discussions, field trips and creative color interventions. A STEAM-Powered Learning Model (Science,Technology, Engineering, Art, Math), The New Color provides an innovative solution to the critical lack of relevant color education in the United States and provides tools for dynamic color management—including the New Color Wheel, where Magenta is the New Red. This course is not just for artists, designers, and entrepreneurs, but for creative minds from all disciplines.

The New Color Course

2. How Marketing minds created the blue/pink gender binary.

You might be surprised to learn that blue and pink haven’t been assigned to gender for very long. In fact, the whole concept of “blue is for boys” and “pink is for girls” was a concept created by Marketers in order to sell more products.

3. The subliminal impact of selecting colors for your Brand and logo.

You’ll hear Luanne talk about how understanding the psychology of color can help designers and businesses when it comes to building their Brand. 

3. What book would Luanne recommend to anyone interested in learning more about color?

Luanne’s home is full of books on color but, if she had to pick one, she would recommend that you pick up a copy of The Color Revolution by Regina Lee Blaszczyk as it traces color back in history and the “development of a color revolution that has been unfolding for more than a century.” 

4. Color forecasting and Pantone’s color of the year.

Pantone's Color of the Year

Find our why Luanne’s take on Pantone’s color of the year, Classic Blue, is that it’s a somewhat safe color when you look at the societal and global challenges that we’re currently facing.


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