Weird Homes Tour

Weird Homes Tour

Meet David J. Neff of Weird Homes Tour | TriPod

In this episode, Ross sits down with Weird Homes Tour Co-Founder, and serial entrepreneur, David J. Neff to discuss how his passion for weirdness actually turned in to a business.

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Weird Homes Tour Co-Founders David + Chelle Neff

Weird Homes Tour is a mission-driven, social impact start-up, that takes care of our people, our planet, and makes a profit.  In a world where so much of what we see is bland, and copied and pasted, we stand for the opposite. We feature the world’s most weird and unique homes and home owners in tours and on our web site and social media. We are the world’s most instragamable tour.

Here’s what you don’t want to miss:

1. How he makes decisions to grow Weird Homes Tour

In a TriPod first, David makes a debut announcement – Weird Homes Tour will be expanding to San Antonio! But, what’s the formula used to determine the cities for the Weird Homes Tour? Key factors include a thriving art scene, interesting or unique architecture style(s), and population size. 

2. His advice for anyone who’s starting their business as a side hustle

Doing something different from your day job is the only way to do it without burnout. In David’s case, his full-time job is very analytical while his side hustle (Weird Homes Tour) is an exercise in creativity. For Weird Homes Tour, David also had to make a decision to hire someone full-time to allow him to stay employed full-time while also pursuing and growing Weird Homes Tour.

3. The weirdest weird homes he’s ever seen.

One of David’s favorite types of homes are those made out of things that aren’t homes like his homeowners in Portland and Houston who have built homes out of airplanes. 

On the flip side of building a home out of an airplane, David also really likes homes that designed with a natural/organic inspiration like the Bloom Home in Austin, TX.

All photos courtesy of Weird Homes Tour and Thanin Viriyaki Photography.

3. What he’s excited about RIGHT NOW

First and foremost, Weird Homes Tour expansion into San Francisco and San Antonio in 2020.

Second, David and his wife Chelle are already accomplished authors having published their first book, Weird Homes: The People and Places That Keep Austin Strangely Wonderful, but now they’ve submitted a proposal for their second coffee table book. 

And, in a wildcard third place, David’s getting into single-board computing with Raspberry Pi and coding.

Key Takeaway: Weird Homes Tour is about exploring creativity and celebrating the joy it brings

You’ll notice a trend among Weird Homes Tour homeowners – they are happy. Weird Homes Tour exposes guests to new worlds and people who are passionate about their creativity. 

Be proud of your collections, your creativity, and your passions. Explore the possibilities whether it be your personal or professional life.


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