Tim Ferriss’ Past Year Review

Tim Ferriss’ Past Year Review

Tim Ferriss Past Year Review

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New Year? New Month? New Day?

We all know that the beginning of the year is when the business and personal resolutions start rolling in. But you don’t need to limit resolutions to just January every year. You can make them at any time.

It’s never too late to get more positive and cut out the negative. 

The challenge, of course, is setting the path for success. So when I sat down to contemplate my resolutions and goals for my personal and professional life I was happy to stumble across Tim Ferriss’ Past Year Review.

The Problem With Resolutions

The way I see it, there are two big problems with traditional resolutions:

  1. No immediate satisfaction, usually painful: Typically, resolutions are a bit lofty bordering on grandiose and something that requires a change in priorities or lifestyle. They will take time to accomplish and that makes them all the more fulfilling when they are completed. But the road to accomplishment can be treacherous, stressful, and painful. When I say “painful”, it may not actually be a physical pain – it might be the mental “pain” that comes with changing your priorities or lifestyle. Here’s my point: just because there is no immediate satisfaction and/or pain doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try BUT those factors are probably the main reason why people abandon their resolutions.
  2. No guarantee of success: Again, I will state that this alone is not a reason to give up on resolutions BUT if we’re being honest with ourselves this can be incredibly deflating. Imagine making changing your priorities and lifestyle to accomplish a resolution only to find out that it didn’t really yield the positive results you envisioned. This has happened to me. I’ve had projects I’ve poured countless hours into only to discover that the outcome wasn’t what I thought it would be. I think in most things in life, it’s about the journey, not the destination. I learned from those projects and made improvements where needed or threw them on the scrap heap. Here’s my point: when you are an entrepreneur, you must be resilient. But even resiliency has its limits. Sometimes you bend, sometimes you break. Understanding that and being smart about implementing programs that bring joy and results is key.

The Benefits of the Past Year Review

It’s simple

In total, the Past Year Review probably takes about 30 mins MAX. Anyone can do it.

It’s actionable

Upon completing it, you will immediately have a clear picture of what you can do to cut negativity and promote positivity.

Yields immediate results

Satisfaction and impact can be felt on day one.

Read full article about the Past Year Review on the Tim Ferriss Blog: https://tim.blog/2018/12/28/past-year-review/ 


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