TriPod Marketing Podcast: October Livestream

TriPod Marketing Podcast: October Livestream

TRIPOD Marketing Podcast by Tricycle Creative

TRIPOD is a Marketing podcast produced by Tricycle Creative that aims to helps entrepreneurs be better Marketers. Each episode features news, tips, interviews, and commentary from the worlds of Marketing, Media, and Miscellaneous. 

This episode originally recorded on Monday, October 21, 2019

On this action-packed livestream episode we discuss...

Facebook Tweakin’ Again

How To Use Instagram’s New “Create” Mode

Warren Trolls Facebook

On this action-packed episode we discuss...

Facebook Tweakin’ Again

How To Use Instagram’s New “Create” Mode

Warren Trolls Facebook

Facebook Tweakin' Again

Facebook recently announced a change to how it calculates organic impressions. The likely results? Expect Page impressions to go down.

Facebook Tweaks Algorithm | Matt Navarra

According to the text (shared by Matt Navarra on Twitter), Facebook’s making this change to “be more aligned with the methodology we use for Ads.”

We discuss what this actually means for social media managers and speculate on other reasons why Facebook might be making this change.

8:44 – Facebook announces an algorithm change

9:56 – The Update: Facebook is changing how it calculates organic impressions

13:51 – Why is Facebook making the algorithm change and what does it mean for your Facebook marketing strategy?

15:25 – Is Facebook’s Ad inventory shortage driving this?

17:39 – Chris wonders if a new (and annoying) type of ad will find its way to Facebook

How To Use Instagram's New "Create" Mode

Instagram’s new “Create” mode opens up a world of fun and interactive templates for both individuals and Business accounts.

Instagram Create - GIF Mode
Instagram "Create" Mode - Music
Instagram "Create" Mode - New Surveys
Instagram "Create" Mode - On This Day

Ross does a full walkthrough on all the new tools available in Instagram’s “Create” mode including GIF backgrounds, music templates, fan questions, and “on this day”. 

23:41 – How to access Instagram’s Create mode

26:17 – Type mode in Instagram Create

26:50 – GIF mode in Instagram Create

28:16 – Use Templates in Instagram Create

29:38 – Create Polls in Instagram Create

30:38 – How To Use Questions in Instagram Create

31:29 – Countdown clock in Instagram Create

32:56 – Use Quizzes in Instagram Create

33:23 – “On This Day” content in Instagram Create 

Warren Trolls Facebook

In an effort to bring to light the Facebook policy that allows politicians to lie in paid advertisements, Presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren created an ad of her own that makes false statements about Facebook and its chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg.

Elizabeth Warren Trolls Facebook

We talk about the details Facebook’s policy on political advertising, Elizabeth Warren’s malicious compliance and her stance that “when profit comes up against protecting democracy, Facebook chooses profit.” Also, is it possible this is a move to bring political discourse off Twitter? 

39:38 – Zuckerberg’s very much aware of the threat Elizabeth Warren poses to Facebook

40:49 – Zuckerberg endorses Donald Trump! (or, at least, that what this approved political ad said)

43:10 – Is Facebook jealous of Twitter getting all the political attention?

45:48 – How should Facebook deal with political ads?

51:39 – Ross is a taco, Chris is creepy.


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