Keep Pedaling Interview: Jamie Steele (Tidy Your Time)

Keep Pedaling Interview: Jamie Steele (Tidy Your Time)

Keep Pedaling Interview with Jamie Steele of Tidy Your Time

TRIPOD is a Marketing podcast produced by Tricycle Creative that aims to helps entrepreneurs be better Marketers. Each episode features news, tips, interviews, and commentary from the worlds of Marketing, Media, and Miscellaneous. 


Tricycle Creative knows that being an entrepreneur, freelancer, or small business owner is full of challenges, headaches, and struggle. That’s why we’ve created the Keep Pedaling series as part of TRIPOD, the Tricycle Creative Marketing Podcast. This series will feature business owners, creatives, and entrepreneurs who share their stories, their advice, and, oftentimes, their failures. 

Our goal with Keep Pedaling is to inspire you to keep working at your business and provide tips + resources to help you. 


Ross chats with Jamie Steele, Founder of Tidy Your Time, a digital organizer who works with busy professionals to find the order in their day.  She helps her clients organize their time and technology so that they can create an environment that promotes productivity thus allowing them to focus on their passions.

During the interview we discuss:

What is Tidy Your Time and who does Jamie work with?

Why TRIPOD talks so much about productivity and why you have to use priorities to guide your productivity

The more that you plan, the more productive you can be because it lessens the decisions you have to make.

Tailoring productivity systems so that they work for you

Guess what? Your task list is never going to be done (and you need to realize that)

If you’re constantly feeling anxiety about your to-do list and that’s what’s moving you forward – that’s a recipe for disaster.

Tips for reducing distractions so that you can focus on your work

The most common issue that her clients have when it comes to being productive

What I did, I reframed Marketing as “self-care” because I really enjoyed doing it. I was looking at it as work…[but] when I realized it was something I enjoyed doing it, I rephrased it and a lot of times we just need to make a mental switch with our productivity that it’s not all work, it’s not all busy work, some of the stuff we actually enjoy.

Why she changed her business from space organization to digital (and what she learned from making the transition)

How to amend or apply productivity systems in a Corporate world


Connect with Tidy Your Time + learn more about the programs we discussed in this show:

Tidy Your Time Website


Calm Chrome Extension

SkedPal: Try It Free for 14 Days

Full Focus Planner

Time Hero

Microsoft To Do

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