How I Keep Pedaling: My Productivity System Explained (Part Three)

How I Keep Pedaling: My Productivity System Explained (Part Three)

Keep Pedaling (part 3) | Ross Herosian's Productivity System Explained | Tricycle Creative

If you’re just jumping in, be sure to read the earlier posts in the series.

You are now CAPTURING information and CONVERTING it to action in a consistent and repeatable way (hooray!), but if you want to review your notes at a later date?

Well, I got you covered on that too.

I Got You | Keep Pedaling with Tricycle Creative
Want to recall your information? I got you.

RECALL + RECORD: Find the information you need

Table of Contents

The good news with this system is that you can put a table of contents anywhere in your notebook. So if you’re halfway through one or already started the CAPTURE process, that’s ok.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to number all of your notebook pages. I put my page numbers in the bottom right corner of each page with a circle around it. 

Second, you’re going to want to label a blank page in your notebook your TABLE OF CONTENTS. Once you do this be sure to give yourself a couple more blank pages to work with and draw a line down the middle of your designated TABLE OF CONTENTS pages. This way you can now have two columns per page to outline your notebook content. Now, build you TABLE OF CONTENTS with page numbers and the notes/content on each page. 

Table Of Contents | Productivity System by Tricycle Creative

Finally, dog-ear the page corners of your TABLE OF CONTENTS so you can easily find it in your notebook.

Digitize It

For so long, I thought it was critically important that my notes be digitized. Then, after years of trying to keep up and make time to do it, I gave up. I found that most information I recorded was only important in a short window of time. The “workaround” is that, if you follow my process, you’ll have a record of the most important information:

  • You captured what needs to get done, by when, and by whom
  • You have circulated notes and tasks to stakeholders after meetings via email that you can reference and search for at a later date. You can even BCC yourself and put meeting notes in email folders for quick access.
  • As a failsafe, you have created a table of contents to reference your notes at a later date



Was this helpful? Do you have any tips, tricks, systems, books, or tools that I didn’t mention in this post that have helped YOU be productive?

Share in the comments below, I’d love to hear about them!

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