Book Report: “What The Heck is EOS?” by Gino Wickman & Tom Bouwer

Book Report: “What The Heck is EOS?” by Gino Wickman & Tom Bouwer

Book Report: "What The Heck is EOS"
Book Report | What The Heck Is EOS

"What The Heck Is EOS"

by Gino Wickman & Tom Bouwer

Book Report is a series where Tricycle Creative shares interesting and informative content from the books we’ve read. 

Running a business is one thing. Growing a business (and your employees) is another. You’re either drowning, treading water, or swimming across the English Channel. Knowing what and how to grow your business is hard – where do you start? We recommend you start with this book, “What The Heck Is EOS?”.


“EOS” stands for “Entrepreneurial Operating System” and it’s a straight-forward and simple system that improves employee engagement and creates accountability and goals for all levels of an organization. There are six key components to EOS:


When everyone in the company is working toward the same goals, there is less frustration and fewer mistakes. More gets done in less time, and work is more fun. As one employee exclaimed, “WOW! We used to never hit deadlines (if we even had them). Now we are very focused and get a lot more done. Everyone’s priorities align.


Helps build great teams. It puts the Right People in the Right Seats.


Designed to help you objectively see where you are going—both as an individual and as a company.


By now you’ve probably thought of a few things that need to be improved, fixed, or changed to make your company better. These are called issues. They include anything unresolved that needs to be discussed, such as problems, opportunities, or new and better ways to do things.


Creates, at a high level, a consistent way of doing all the company’s operations. It is basically a checklist. When the Process Component is 100% strong, your organization has documented the core things you do every day. Everyone follows these processes, creating consistency and efficiency. Even better, these processes can be scaled so that your company can grow in a manageable way.


It is about discipline, execution, and accountability. It helps a company clarify and choose the right priorities. When the Traction Component is 100% strong, you get . . . Traction!

How Does EOS Work?

Perhaps an over-simplification, but the “EOS” system’s backbone is built upon the concepts of “Rocks” which are “are 90-day priorities—the most important things you need to get done in the next 90 days.” and “Level 10 Meetings” where you “solve issues and stay connected as a team”. 

The idea is that you set your “Rocks” with your manager every quarter and to complete them on time. You are also expected to be fully engaged and actively participate in your weekly “Level 10 Meetings” by helping to identify and resolve issues.

My Take

There are tons and tons and tons of Management books out there but not all them clearly outline solutions and systems you can implement quickly to improve your business. “What The Heck Is EOS?” does that. It’s a simple, but powerful, system that can better involve and motivate your employees while at the same time giving providing clarity and insight to the leaders in the organization. 

Tricycle Creative works almost exclusively with entrepreneurs. Our clients are people with small teams who, oftentimes, are sharing or overlapping with their responsibilities and have no idea of their daily, quarterly, or annual goals for their role OR for the business. If that’s you, you’re treading water. You can only tread water for so long before you drown or are rescued. 

“What The Heck Is EOS?” can rescue you, your employees, and your business.

Interested in reading What The Heck Is EOS?

Purchase What The Heck Is EOS from Amazon. Happy reading!

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