News Cycle (Episode 3): Superzooms, Activity Status, Nike Takes A Stand

News Cycle (Episode 3): Superzooms, Activity Status, Nike Takes A Stand

News Cycle (Episode 3): Superzooms, Activity Status, Nike Takes A Stand

On this episode of News Cycle: new Superzooms on Instagram, Activity Status (what it is and how to turn it off), and Nike takes a stand knee.

Check the video and read on for more info!

New Superzooms on Instagram

Hold on to your phones, here come six new Superzooms to the Instagram platform! Available inside of Instagram Stories, Superzooms are one of the fun effects you can use in your videos. These new ones are a ton of fun and add a little variety to your Stories and videos.

What Does This Mean For Small Business Marketers?

Instagram’s helping to transport to a time when social media and interacting with your friends was fun. Use Superzooms to make your friends (and probably yourself) laugh.

For businesses, it’s ok to let your hair down every once again and these Superzooms spice up your Stories to make them funny, interesting, and quirky. 

Instagram Activity Status

Behold! The green dot! It’s an indicator now on Instagram that let’s people know that you are using the app. Depending on who your friends, family, and/or customers are you might not want them having that information. Luckily, you can turn it off in your settings.

What Does This Mean For Small Business Marketers?

If exceptional customer service is something you strive for, promote to your followers to message you with their questions, issues, suggestions, or compliments when they see your green light!

Nike Takes A Stand

Nike Ad - Colin Kaepernick

Nike’s ad featuring Colin Kaepernick certainly raised eyebrows and, as it turns out, their Instagram followers and stock price. Nike added roughly 170,000 Instagram followers around the release of the ad campaign. And while the stock initially dropped, Nike’s online sales surged several days after and yielded an all-time high for the stock at $83.90/share.

What Does This Mean For Small Business Page Owners?

Sex sells and, sometimes, so does controversy. At its very core, Marketing is about communication and storytelling – how does your company tell your Brand story? The brilliance of this ad is NOT that it has Colin Kaepernick. It’s that it has a larger message about sacrifice that aligns beautifully with Nike’s brand. 

And while Nike’s making a ton of cash off this ad, the most impressive thing is that it may have transformed Kaepernick into a likable anti-establishment figure.


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