Your Marketing Strategy’s Gone Flat

Your Marketing Strategy’s Gone Flat

Your Marketing Strategy Has Gone Flat

Have you ever had a flat tire?

This may surprise you, but in all my 35 years, I’ve never had one. That is, until last week. I woke up on Wednesday and the temperature had dropped from the previous day, so when I got in my car and saw the tire pressure warning I chalked it up to a false alarm and went on my merry way. Fast forward to two hours later, and I’m sitting in a grocery store parking lot with a 100% flat tire. So, what did I do?

Before going through the series of events, I’m to tell you a secret – I’ve never changed a flat tire. A second secret is – I was scared to do it. What if I don’t jack my car up right and it falls on me (not sure exactly why I’m under the car, but nonetheless). What if I don’t put the tire on correctly and it flies off while I’m driving? What if a mechanic comes by and taunts me?

Ross fixes a flat tire
“Pretty sure this is how you fix a flat tire…”

So I called my wife, mostly to vent, but also because she has AAA. Recently, we had a situation where we needed AAA and we waited for 3 hours. So, I told her to hold off on calling them – I was going to change the tire. I grabbed the owner’s manual, and went to work. One hour later, my spare tire was in place and I was ready to go. 

Spoiler alert: I wasn’t crushed by my car, the spare tire stayed on while I was driving, and I wasn’t taunted (to my knowledge) by any mechanics.


This is the moment when you learn Bruce Willis was a ghost the whole time, Darth Vader is Luke’s father, and, most importantly, the flat tire is your business’ marketing.

Flat Tire Is Your Marketing

You can drive around with everything seeming ok or maybe you even have a warning indicator, but you chalk it up as nothing to worry about. Then, it grows, and becomes a problem you need to deal with. Maybe, like me, it even happens in a grocery store parking lot (probably not). AAA, they are the friend of a friend who says they can help you with marketing but after a couple weeks, they are showing up late and really don’t know what they’re doing or how to help your business. You, however, don’t know what you don’t know about Marketing so you keep paying them because that checks the box that you are doing something.


You do not need to be a mechanic to change a tire. Just like you don’t need to be an expert to market your business. You just need help. You need Marketing strategy and concepts explained in simple terms, so you understand what you’re doing, what you SHOULDN’T be doing, and how to do it. 

That’s what Tricycle Creative does.


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