Smart Giving: Doing Right with Leftovers

Smart Giving: Doing Right with Leftovers

Smart Giving with DoorDash: Doing Right with Leftovers

All over America, every single day, 50 billion pounds of leftovers are tossed in the trash because, by law, they can’t be served again next day. That’s a huge problem ripe for a smart and philanthropic solution – enter DoorDash. With DoorDash, use their app to snap a photo of the leftovers and the platform finds a nearby food bank, shelter, or other nonprofit that needs it. DoorDash also handles transporting the food, making the giving process very easy and frictionless. 

This giving program from DoorDash will be rolling out in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. 


Finding ways for your business to give back to the community serves many benefits:

  1. It exposes your business to new audiences and potential customers. 
  2. It can motivate your employees. Talk to them about causes they care about or find one that coincides with the product/services you offer. And keep in mind, you don’t have to do the same thing forever, you can do something new quarterly, seasonally, or annually. 
  3. It creates content opportunities. Photos, videos, blogs, and a page on your website about your community outreach can add credibility and affinity for you business.


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