Net Neutrality: Why It Matters + What You Can Do

Net Neutrality: Why It Matters + What You Can Do

Net Neutrality Is At Risk

Don’t go falling asleep on the impending doom for Net Neutrality being presented by the FCC.

Why Is Net Neutrality Important?

The removal of Net Neutrality opens the door for internet service provides (ISP’s) like Comcast, Verizon, and AT&T to throttle speeds, block websites they don’t like, and create slow and fast lanes on the internet.

Still Don’t Understand?

Lifehacker has a great breakdown, but simply put, the internet you know and love right now is free from resitrictiions. That would change with the removal of Net Neutrality. It would mean bundles for the internet akin to cable TV subscriptions: a Netflix bundle, a social media package, a streaming video package, an email package, etc.

But, Wait, There’s More.

If subscription packages and speed throttling wasn’t enough, there’s a more fundamental issue at play. The internet we know and love has always been open. The removal of Net Neutrality will allow for ISP’s to be judge, jury, and executioner for what you can access on the internet. Online censorship in the hands of our multi-billion dollar corporations. Is there a website that Verizon disagrees with or deems “controversial”? They would have the ability to block the website or throttle it so much that it becomes unusable.

This sucks. What Can I Do?

Emails, calls, rallies – there’s a lot you can do. Here’s a list. We especially like the simplicity of Battle For The Net’s website that has simple tools to call and email your representatives.


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