Harry Potter Game Following Pokemon Go’s Example

Harry Potter Game Following Pokemon Go’s Example

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Game Coming

Ready Your Wands…

You might remember months ago when people were even more distracted by their cell phones than usual thanks to Pokemon Go, a location-aware scavenger hunt type game where you roam the real world to capture Pokemon. For some, the obsession with the game even resulted in injury (like these two San Diego men who fell down a cliff trying to “catch ’em all”).

Well, coming soon we may see hordes of witches and wizards roaming the streets as Pokemon Go publisher Niantic announced they will be releasing Harry Potter: Wizards Unite game. Co-developed by Warner Bros. Interactive, the game will use similar AR (Augmented Reality) mobile technology and “players will go on adventures, learn and cast spells, discover mysterious artifacts, and encounter legendary beasts and iconic characters.” 

No news on how the game intends to deal with depressed users who are sorted into the Hufflepuff house.

Other News We Received From An Owl…

Looking to brush up on your Harry Potter before playing the game? Well, starting January 1, 2018, all eight films will be on HBO platforms HBO On Demand, HBO Now and HBO Go). According to Polygon, HBO will also air them in a marathon — with Fantastic Beasts tacked on at the end — starting with Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone at 9 a.m. ET/PT on Monday, Jan. 1.


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