“Follow/Unfollow” On Instagram | Social Media 101

“Follow/Unfollow” On Instagram | Social Media 101

Our super talented graphic designer, Adrian Quintero, has been spending a lot of time and energy recently building up his personal Instagram account (give him a follow, why don’t you?). A week or so ago, he made a discovery into the dark underbelly of the Instagram world: Follow/Unfollow

What is Follow/Unfollow

Instagram continues to expand features (see SuperZoom), but the most tried and true strategy to get someone to follow you, is to first follow them. It goes like this – they see they have a new follower, they click on to your account, and in turn follow them back. Happiness and harmony among Instagrammers.

Follow/Unfollow is where this process gets ugly. Someone follows you, you follow them back, they then promptly UNFOLLOW you. People who do this bank on the fact that you won’t be monitoring your follower count and they end up with a huge “Follower” count and a low “Following” number. In the world of the internet, this makes them cool. 

“Check out that Follower count”

There’s no real recourse against this as, technically, it’s not really abuse, it’s just scummy. But, as a public service announcement, now that you know about this: Don’t be a follower/unfollower. Not cool.


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