Demogorgon 11 Is The Name Of Our Noise Metal Band

Demogorgon 11 Is The Name Of Our Noise Metal Band

Netflix teams up with Spotify to create Stranger Things character playlists

Did you watch Stranger Things 2 this past weekend? NO SPOILERS! (some of us are still catching up)

Whether you watched it or not, the Spotify and Netflix collaboration that brings you character playlists is spoiler-free and super rad. Users who connect with their own Spotify account will find out which character they have the most in common with based off their listener habits.

Netflix and Spotify team up for Stranger Things 2
This HAS to be because of my love for The Clash


Another really cool tie-in is if you listen to the Stranger Things playlist, your screen will transform into the Upside Down with the progress bar acting as a flashlight. 

Stranger Things Playlist On Spotify

This collaboration is a really cool campaign showcasing the interactive marketing value of Spotify’s listener data when teamed up with marketers and audiences.

Speaking of Spotify's listener data, called Insights, here are some of our favorite reads:

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