Tricycle Tunes [Volume 1 – July 2017]

Tricycle Tunes [Volume 1 – July 2017]

Chris Slezak - Content Producer

Chris Slezak

Content Producer – Video & Photo

Learning the drum parts to this song for a gig I’ve got coming up .  Never listened to Chris Stapleton before except the bits I’ve seen of him in passing on TV.  If the rest of his music sounds anything like this, I can see why he’s blown up over the past year or so.

Lately I’ve been getting more into the process behind composing and songwriting.  The work that Hans Zimmer has been putting out in his soundtracks lately only gets better and more interesting.   Batman Begins, Intersteller, and most recently Dunkirk.  But what has really brought him to my attention was his live performance at Cochella.  The link to the Cochella show has since been taken down, but here’s a link to another live performance for the Inception soundtrack.

I’ve been listening to Run the Jewels third album at least a few times a week since it dropped late last year.  It gets me in a good headspace for anything from doing yard work to driving to the office.  You can catch this third track from the album in the trailer for the upcoming Black Panther movie.

Adrian Quintero

Graphic & Web Designer

This dude gets me pumped, I love his scratchy voice and dope beats.  He’s an amazing drummer along with being an incredible lyricist. This song was produced by DJ Hi-Tek who is notorious for turning careers into gold.

This one gets my head bobbin’ for sure.  The sample is spot on with the classic soul feel on top of the modern loop.  Makes me feel good and happy to be alive.

Love me some Latin jams!  The key is to listen with your hips, and the rest of your body parts will follow. I’ve been a huge fan of Chico Mann aka Marcos Garcia, bassist for afrobeat group Antibalas.  Always great to hear his collaborations with other artists.


Ross Herosian


With the popularity of EDM, it seems to be a common thing for alternative rock bands to take their albums and collaborate with new producers/artists to remix their songs. Bastille has done this a ton with their material. Cold War Kids did this with Los Feliz Blvd, the result being stripped-down, more melancholy, versions of some of their material.

Did you know that “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers has been in the UK charts every year since 2004? It’s true. And, if you listen to alt-rock radio in the US, chances are you still hear a song by The Killers. They are absolutely one of the bands responsible for crafting the sound of current alternative rock. They put on a great performance – lead singer Brandon Flowers seems to channel the performance spirit of Scott Weiland during concerts. This is a new single from the band and I can’t wait for their full album, Wonderful Wonderful, coming out September 22.

I remember when I was working at SiriusXM Radio, George Ezra was an artist that my team was going to shoot video for. At that time, he was a completely unknown and The Spectrum was probably one of the first places you could hear him (shout out to programming genius Jess Besack). My production team was told that we would not believe this guys voice, and when this unassuming, young, white kid walked in we were all a confused. To this day, I remember the moment when he started singing and all of my camera operators looked up from their cameras and stared at each other in complete disbelief. George is an artist I constantly find myself going back to.

P.S. If you wanted to see part of his performance from that session, check out George Ezra covering Bob Dylan’s  “Girl From The North Country”.


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